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Reactions from community: Girls wrestling

Yesterday I told you about the Line Mountain girl who is now able to wrestle on her school’s team, thanks to a judge’s ruling.

And our readers went wild on Facebook – telling us their opinion and voicing their viewpoint.

Here’s just some of the reaction:

untitledI tend to agree with the majority on this one: Let her wrestle!

What do you think? Should Audrianna be able to wrestle?

You Might Have Missed It: Wrestling billboard in Milton

I saw this driving to an assignment in Milton:


Note: my photo for whatever reason didn’t want to upload, so this one is from the Milton District’s newsletter. But it was indeed a very similar picture.

It’s a billboard honoring Milton’s two state medal winners, both Ryans.

Not only is the billboard cool, but I got to cover the pep rally welcoming them home from the state tournament.

I have never met such gracious and gnaw winners.

They deserve every accolade they get.

So kudos to them. And drive down Mahoning Street to check it out.