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Military Spouse vote


Kathy and Jason Kling

Yesterday I spoke with a Watsontown woman whose husband is on his fifth overseas deployment.

She was recently named PA’s National Guard military spouse of the year, and she’s up for the national title.

Voting for the national title is Feb. 5 – and here’s a link to her profile.

Kathy said there will be link to the voting system on Feb. 5 on that profile page.

If Kathy makes it to the title of National Guard spouse of the year, she will compete for the overall title in March.

Let’s give her the recognition she deserves.

Kerry’s inspiring story

Yesterday, I got to talk to a fabulous woman who was very inspiring.

Her name is Kerry Chomas, and she’s a native of Watsontown who now lives in Conneticut. She decided she didn’t want to be out of shape anymore, so she made that first step and joined a gym.

Now she’s dropped numerous pants sizes and is running in a half-marathon in March.

She has a blog which chronicles her fitness journey – click here to see it!

Below is a stunning before-and-after photo:

before and after

Here’s her at a recent strongman competition completing an Atlas lift:


Make sure to check out her blog and get more updates and see more cool media – including a video of her completing a dead lift at the strongman competition!

Bonus Photos: Watson Inn Windows

For your holiday/winter viewing pleasure, here are some more photos of the Watson Inn holiday painted windows while artist Mike Heller was working on them.

They depict a traditional winter scene, complete with snowmen, carriage and snow tubers.

I haven’t been by to see the completed windows – have you? How do they look?


Bonus photos: Honduran Soles

I met with two of the orgnaizers of Honduran Soles yesterday at Revival Tabernacle in Watsontown. It’s a great mission to bring shoes to people in Honduras who often have to walk through rocky mountain terrain barefoot.

Here’s a couple additional photos I took yesterday.

To donate a pair of new or gently used shoes to Honduran Soles, contact Revival Tabernacle at revtab09@windstream.net or 538-2000.


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