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Union County voting malfunction makes CNN.com

The video made by a Lewisburg resident showing the voting machine malfunction in Union County got national media attention: the malfunction was listed as part of  CNN.com’s list of voting snags.

Here’s the CNN article.

The mix-up also made Mother Jones’ list of voting snafus, which you can see here.

Heres my problem with their coverage of this: I wouldn’t say that it was voter suppression or some form of hacking as Mother Jones seems to suggest, it seems like a voting machine malfunction at its purest form.

Apparently, the membranes of many machines were malfunctioning and needed to be recalibrated.

It happened in Perry County as CNN says and in York County as well. 

It seems like this was a technical issue that could have been putting votes for any candidate, it just happened to be calibrated to go from Obama to Romney.

What do you think?

Romney/Obama voter mix-up also in Union County

The Daily Item received this video from a citizen who tried to vote in Union County, Pennsylvania. We had reported on the malfunctioning machine, so he sent it to us to confirm.

Votes for the Democratic candidate (listed second) were registered as Republican votes (listed first)

Below is the video. More information is here.

Voting Problems in Pennsylvania from Andy Hirsch on Vimeo.