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Doing their part to help others with no complaints

Last week, I spent my Friday morning at the Herr Library in Mifflinburg, where they were loading up two crates with supplies to take to the tornado-devastated areas of Oklahoma.

One thing both photographer Rob Inglis and I commented on was that there were probably 10 or so children and teens there to help at 9 a.m. on a Friday morning during summer – and we heard not one complaint.

It was really a very exciting and positive thing.

I myself have never had a problem getting up early to do what I have to do (seriously, I used to get up at 6 a.m. every day as a kid to get on the computer before everyone else was awake back in the days where you had one computer and had to share it). However, my sisters can’t really say the same thing.

And to see these young people offering their time to a good cause was very inspiring and made the morning just a little bit brighter.

Here’s some photos of the load-up:


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Bonus Photos: Community Harvest

Monday, I met with a group of Americorps service members who were helping out Community Harvest, a Milton-based food program.

They served a meal and helped organize the group’s food pantry, with the goal of bringing it up to Central PA Food Bank standards so the group can become a “member organization” and purchase more and better food for less.

Here’s some photos from my trip there:

The Americorps volunteers are getting their assignments.

The Americorps volunteers are getting their assignments.


Organizing the pantry

Touring St Andrew's UM Church, where CH is housed

Touring St Andrew’s UM Church, where CH is housed