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Tweet, Tweet

I’m a huge Twitter nerd. I love the microblogging site, and can be found tweeting at all times of day and night, depending on what’s happening … or, more likely, what’s on TV.

But seriously, Twitter is a great tool for businesses, brands and individuals alike. It’s become like a Facebook for many us Twi-hards: the first site you check in the morning and the last you look at before bed.

But now comes the hard part: convincing others to tweet too.

How do you describe the feeling of seeing events unfold in real time? How do you describe the thrill of being the first to release information?

But seriously, Twitter helps journalists do their jobs. You can find out what happens, when it happens.

You can also be the first to let people know what’s happening – if something big happens, it’s easy to put it in 140 characters and send that info out to the public.

Those are my main reasons for Tweeting, anyway. But I’ve seen these events in action.  For skeptics, it’s harder to imagine.

So I’m asking for help: how would you describe Twitter to someone who doesn’t use it? What are it’s benefits? Let me know – I’d love to hear from you in the comments or via e-mail!