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Warrior Run mural project

As you must have figured out by now, I love me some murals.

And yesterday, I got to see the progress on the Warrior Run school mural, which will begin being installed next month.

The cool thing about this mural is its construction, which is through digital and tile work – very cool stuff. And the artist, Warrior Run alum Jon Laidacker, is giving a behind-the-scenes look on his Facebook page.

One thing that fascinated me was the paint-by-numbers concept he’s using to help students and community members get involved. Here’s a look at what the tiles look like after he traces them from a digital file onto a tile and numbers them by color:


And the scale is amazing.

It’s going to be huge. Here’s a video look at the eagle, just one-fifth of the mural.

I’ll of course be keeping you updated as this progresses – check back!

Bonus photos: Warrior Run SB crowd

Here’s some crowd shots from the Warrior Run school board last night.

Things got really heated and  culminated in a walk out by teachers. In addition to teachers, many in the crowd were students.

I was surprised by just how many students there were … I would say at least 20-25.

Here’s my coverage of the meeting.



Were you there? What did you think?

Bonus photo: Umbrella vs. Chainsaw

Last week I met with Ronald Lee Tanner of Turbotville to recount one of the scariest moments of his life: the day his mother’s boyfriend came after him with a chainsaw.

Long story short, Tanner successfully fended off Guy Allen Black and his chainsaw, in part using an umbrella in the back of his truck.

Tanner had the umbrella when I met with him and showed me the mangled remains of instrument. Here it is:

I would not have known what that was if he hadn’t just told me the story. It was incredible.

And it made me think: nowadays things keep getting smaller, cell phones, computers, umbrellas. We want tiny things to just pop in our pocket and carry with us.

But I don’t think my little pop up would have done much good against a chainsaw.

Sometimes, bigger is indeed better.

P.S. Everyone stay safe out there as Hurricane Sandy approaches!