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Black Friday tips from the pros

There’s been a lot of complaining and judging going on about Black Friday/Thanksgiving shopping, and I’m here to tell you that it’s OK to go shopping tomorrow.

It’s OK. It’s doesn’t make you a bad person.

I’ll be there, and I don’t hate my family and I’m not a demon-possessed maniac. I just like shopping, and it’s something me and MY family do together.

So, here’s some of my tips, mixed in with a good list I found on the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle website – the best I could find – for making your Black Friday trip a success.

I’ll post pics from ours!

  • Shop in waves. Retailers aren’t releasing all their bargains at the opening bell this year. Some, like Wal-Mart, are having some sales at 6 p.m., some at 8 p.m., and so on. The new process is more complicated, but staggering the sales may increase your odds of getting that special deal. Mall stores will also have staggered openings. Decide if you’re a night owl or an early bird and make your game plan.
  • And about that plan … You have to be organized to get the deals. Peruse the circulars Thursday morning and make a list. Decide what you really cannot do without and head first to the store selling it. It could be toys for the kids or a flat-screen TV for your family room. Many stores have online shopping lists that you can fill out and send to your mobile phone to help you stay on track. [We always have a plan together, and we also have a contingency plan if our top priorities don’t work out]
  • Get social. Use social media to find out about deals as well by following stores on Twitter and Facebook. You can receive extra deals from the stores. You can also track on Twitter if deals are worth it or if sale items are sold out throughout Brown Thursday/Black Friday.
  • Divide and conquer. If you’re in line with your friends and relatives, divvy up that list and have each person head to one department for the entire team. Have Mom go to the toy department while you go to electronics and BFF scouts out holiday decor. [YES YES YES]
  • Dress in layers. While it’s freezing cold outside, the stores are toasty warm. I wear my silk long johns to stay warm while waiting outside. They aren’t bulky once I get inside a store.
  • Think outside the box. The stores around the central hubs such as Henrietta and Victor will be crowded. If you have specific items on your list, you might try a standalone store. I was able to get a big TV at the Chili Target a few years back without having to wait in line outside in the cold for too long.
  • Shop during the slow times. Every store has a lull time during Brown Thursday/Black Friday after the initial rush. Once the first wave of bargain hunters check out, the stores are easier to get around in. I was at Eastview Mall at 5 a.m. with my daughter the past two years and noticed that stores began to slow by around 7 a.m. By 8 a.m., we were at a not-too-crowded food court enjoying breakfast.

Now Trending on Facebook: Shopping on Thanksgiving?

One of the biggest stories this week on our Facebook page was the debate over whether it’s OK for stores to open on Thanksgiving in preparation for Black Friday.

With stores opening earlier than ever, people are talking about it – and there’s strong feelings on both sides.

(Look, personally, I’ll be shopping either way …. I’m poor and Black Friday is my favorite holiday of the year.)

Here’s what our Facebook friends had to say on this topic, which seems to stir a lot of emotion:

  • Brandi Reinhardt “No, it is not ok. Family is too much forgotten by employers due to greed. While some may be enjoying their Thanksgiving meal, others will be working their tails off for long hours and little pay and they have no choice. All in the name of corporate greed.”
  • Michael Doyne “It’s funny how the same people who say it’s greed that keeps business’ open on the holidays are the same ones who’ll complain when they can’t get something they need on a holiday. Retails job is to make money, if people don’t support them staying open they wouldn’t be. If you don’t like working holidays, find a job that is closed then. If you want to spend time with your family, do so. Nobody is making you go shopping on a holiday.”
  • Jeremy Brooks “Ok I understand about spending time with families on thanksgiving but what about people who like me work in the healthcare field and have to work holidays? Yes it’s my choice to work in that field so I accept the responsibility of working holidays so why can’t retail? I don’t get to spend Christmas morning with my kids because I have to work and you don’t hear me whining about it I do what I have to to earn a paycheck to support my children”
  • Jason Peterman “Ultimately we control the market. If we don’t shop at their stores they will rethink their position next year. If we do shop then it will only get more and more companies on board with the idea. Bottom line is retail is gonna give consumers what they want. Two options are don’t work in retail or don’t shop on holidays if u don’t like it and if u do then go out and spend your pants off or get a job in retail and enjoy the holiday pay!”

What do you think? Is it OK to have stores open on Thanksgiving?

Black Friday vs. Thanksgiving: When should stores open?

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is traditionally followed by my favorite holiday, Black Friday. My mom and I used to get up at 2:30 a.m. and joke that soon we wouldn’t even have to sleep at all, since stores were opening earlier and earlier – first 6 a.m., then 5 and finally 4 (Could you believe it!).

But now, it’s happened. Last year, most stores opened at midnight – and this year, Thanksgiving Thursday is the new Friday – and it has people angry, saying they can’t enjoy the holiday with their families anymore.

So now struggling retailer JCPenney seems to be going with a “we’re the good guys” strategy, saying they won’t open until Black Friday:

— jcpenney (@jcpenney) November 18, 2012

Personally, I’d like to see all stores go back to an actual Black Friday opening. It’s getting to be too much, in my opinion.

But will opening later put stores at a disadvantage? Crowds last year for the midnight openings were the biggest I’ve ever seen them in my Black Friday openings.

What do you think? Should retailers wait until Black Friday morning or continue to push the envelope?

[BTW – I’ll be posting some pics tomorrow of my own early-morning adventures!]

Christmas: How early is too early?


This was the scene I encountered last weekend at a mall (not locally).

My first thought was, “What happened to Thanksgiving?! ”

How early is too early for Christmas cheer? Stores want to milk the season of giving, but is that really appropriate?

I don’t even want to think about Santa until after the turkey’s carved. I mean, I like Thanksgiving and think it should be given its fair due.

What do you think?