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Colleges using social media for move-in

When I left for college, things were simpler than they are now.

We maybe took some photos, but the ones we did were just for use on your flip phone – nothing major.

Now. Well, it’s different.

Now with social media the photos you take of your parents lugging boxes up the stairs are meant for public consumption on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and colleges are taking notice and encouraging students to share.

Which is actually a pretty smart thing to do since it gives prospective students a behind-the-scenes look at your institution.

Susquehanna University is preparing for the big freshman move-in:

Like I said, this seems like a cool way to connect with new students and showcase a right-of-passage for new students to prospective students in a way that reaches them on their terms.

I’ll be monitoring the hashtag to see how it turns out!

Have you noticed other cases like this? What are other schools doing?

Bonus Photos: GSVCC Awards Lunch

Yesterday, I attended the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce’s awards luncheon. I took lots of photos, some good, others not. Here’s some extras:



ATHENA Award winner Tere Rill




Shamokin Dam mayor receiving the Dan Foss Heritage Award.

Snow days!

It’s supposed to snow big here in the Valley today, so make sure to send me your snow pictures – I’ll post them here!

As I’ve previously discussed, I’m not a huge fan of snow – but I’m excited to see what it looks like across the area when the two to four inches hits us this afternoon.

And apparently a lot of people in the area are big fans of snow:


Keep checking at  dailyitem.com for updates on snow conditions and any road closings, and I’ll let you know what I’m seeing out and about tomorrow.


Don’t miss this: Cow stomach objects video

Don’t miss this video describing two of the most interesting – and at the same time disgusting – things I have ever held in my hands.

It happened at the recent agriculture-themed meeting of the Greater Susquehanna Chamber of Commerce.

Each table at the meeting had some farm tools or objects we all had to identify in a fun little game. Table 7, apparently had quite the conversation pieces.

Here they are:

Love it.