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Celebrating a Steeler birthday


Yesterday, I went to the Adam Smith awards lunch hosted by EconomicsPennsylvania. The organization has at least one very famous member – former Pittsburgh Steeler and two-time Super Bowl champion Andy Russell.

This was my first time meeting Mr. Russell, who is a big fan of the Susquehanna Valley and seems like a really fun guy.

Well, yesterday was also his 72nd birthday!

So we celebrated at the lunch as any fun-loving group would – with cupcakes!

And of course they were his favorite colors (and featured his favorite number!):

20131108-104855.jpgAnd though the cupcakes looked delicious, I didn’t get an opportunity to taste mine, since I saved it for the only person I know still willing to admit they’re a Steelers fan (just kidding, people!) – fellow reporter Evamarie Socha.

She was thrilled. Even though the cupcake couldn’t really, you know, help the Steelers actually win.

Anyway, have a great weekend guys!

Beware of the fog, Susquehanna Valley

It’s that time of year again, Susquehanna Valley: the time of year it looks like a horror movie outside with fog so thick you can’t see too far ahead.

Just in time for Halloween – a creepy atmosphere to start your day – muahahaha!

It was pretty bad this morning:


The worst was crossing right over the river, where you couldn’t see the river surface at all, but obviously, for safety reasons, I could not take anything pictures there.

This is just a friendly reminder to make sure you’re lights are on and drive carefully. I can’t believe how many cars I see on days like this that don’t have their lights on! It’s a simple way to stay visible, people!

And watch out for any monsters that may be lurking in the fog.

Daily Item Reader Photos, back again

Now that the Prom Perfect contest is over, Daily Item readers have resumed sending in their artistic photos in, depicting life in the Valley in a unique and up-front way.

It’s also almost summertime – which means I’m in the mood to go outside, plant flowers and enjoy the sunshine – though as yesterday’s post reveals, this week hasn’t been the best for that.

Anyway, here’s my favorite recent reader photos, depicting the best of the beginning of sweet summertime:


“China Loves Treats,” by Cindy Hoffman, Richfield


“Crayfish,” by Rita Kurtz, Selinsgrove

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Bonus Photos: GSVCC Awards Lunch

Yesterday, I attended the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce’s awards luncheon. I took lots of photos, some good, others not. Here’s some extras:



ATHENA Award winner Tere Rill




Shamokin Dam mayor receiving the Dan Foss Heritage Award.

2012 review: What the Valley was talking about

fonito2012 has been a doozy, but now it’s on to bigger and better things – I hope!

Here’s a look through my eyes at some of the biggest stories in our area for 2012:

What were your big stories of the year?

Snow days!

It’s supposed to snow big here in the Valley today, so make sure to send me your snow pictures – I’ll post them here!

As I’ve previously discussed, I’m not a huge fan of snow – but I’m excited to see what it looks like across the area when the two to four inches hits us this afternoon.

And apparently a lot of people in the area are big fans of snow:


Keep checking at  dailyitem.com for updates on snow conditions and any road closings, and I’ll let you know what I’m seeing out and about tomorrow.


Oh Christmas trees!

Last week, I talked with some Christmas tree growers who said the first weekend in December is the most popular for people to buy their trees. Looks like they were right: social media blew up this weekend with photos of newly decorated trees from around the region. Here’s a few.