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Super Bowl ads already released: What’s the best?

So there’s already a lot of hype about some of these Super Bowl commercials which will air for the first time during the big game.

In the last couple of years, companies have released their spots early to build buzz.

Luckily, y’all have me to weed through them and pick the best ones to watch for:

AXE body spray has my favorite one so far. It’s weirdly touching and amazing

The “Full House Reunion” Oikos commercial is getting a lot of buzz – and it should because it’s really funny:

GoDaddy.com is also generating a lot of buzz, not because of their normally gross commercials, but because they are HAVING A REAL PERSON QUIT THEIR JOB. Wow.

And finally, here’s a teaser for the M&Ms commercial. These are always a big hit and I can’t wait to see what’s up:

Which are you looking forward to? Any I missed?

Super Bowl ads: The best of the best

An informal Facebook post let me know what were the Valley’s favorite Super Bowl commercials.

Here’s everyone’s favorites

The overall winner was definitely “God made a farmer” from Dodge:

Next was the Clydesdale one that had me tearing up:

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Who won the Daily Item newsroom Super Bowl challenge?

Because we’re always up for a challenge, the Daily Item newsroom decided to get in on the Super Bowl fun and we all picked scores for the Super Bowl to see who could get closest.

Here are the results:

Only two of us picked Baltimore as the winner: editor Dave Hilliard and photographer Rob Inglis.

Here’s where the decision gets tough.

Both picked the three-point spread: Rob had 24-21, Dave had 27-24.

So who’s the winner?

I have to give the edge, in a squeaker, to Dave, who picked the slightly higher score.

So, congrats Dave – bragging rights are yours until next year!

Super Bowl is almost here

…..and you know what that means – Super Bowl commercials!

They’re definitely the best reason to watch the game.

Monday, I’ll try and hit the highlights – but we don’t have to wait until Sunday night to see all of the commercials. Many companies are posting either full length spots or teasers online!

The Huffington Post has a slideshow filled with many of the best out there.

Here’s some of my favorites below. Make sure to let me know which are your favorite!

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Valley Super Bowl predictions: Who was closest?

Super_Bowl_XLVII_logo Last week, I asked the Valley’s high school football coaches to predict who would emerge from this weekend’s NFL playoff games victorious and live on to fight for the Super Bowl title.

Now, it’s time to see who was the closest.

NFC championship game: San Francisco 49er’s vs. Atlanta Falcons

Most of the five polled coaches predicted a 49er victory, so this competition comes down to who guessed the closest to the final score – 28-24.

George Goodwin, of Milton, predicted the Niner’s final tally of 28, but he predicted the Falcons would be farther off at 10.

Jeremy Winn, of Lewisburg also predicted a 28-point feat for San Francisco, and he had Atlanta at 17 – one touchdown away from their final tally.

Winn wins this round.

AFC championship game: New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens

In this round, only two coaches predicted Baltimore as the victor – Winn and Jim Keiser, of Danville.

So who was closer to the final score?  It’s tough to say.

Keiser predicted a  24-21 game, and Winn predicted a 38-35 game – the actual final score was 28-13.

So it’s a tough call, though I have to hand it to Keiser, who guessed on the side of a lower-scoring game.


But the overall winner of this “guess the winner challenge” is Jeremy Winn, who picked both winners, and was extremely close on the AFC game.

Congrats, Coach Winn!