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Reader photos: Orange effect

There have been some really pretty reader-submitted photos lately, many of which seem to have an orange motif.

Though, to be fair, that’s not really a surprise, since it is the color of the season!

So enjoy these photos and look out tomorrow for my own special Halloween photos!

"Grasshopper at rest" by Crystal Doresky, Milton

“Grasshopper at rest” by Crystal Doresky, Milton

"Red sky at night might be sailor's delight, but we get rain for two days." by June Campbell, Northumberland

“Red sky at night might be sailor’s delight, but we get rain for two days.” by June Campbell, Northumberland

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Some artsy feelings…





I know that I’m no good at art – I took Photography I in college and that was enough to teach me that I didn’t have an artistic bone in my body.

But this week I found myself taking several scenic photos just for fun. They’re from a bunch of places around the Valley – and I wanted to share them with someone.

Feel free to share some critiques with me – but try not to be too harsh.


This was the sunset near my home in Danville yesterday. I wish the power lines weren’t there – but hey, I also like my electricity.

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