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The Barbours facing death penalty – public supports decision

If there was any doubt what people in the Valley thought about the Barbours and the death penalty, our posting on the D.A.’s decision to file aggravating circumstances should clear up what they think.

Spoiler alert: the people of Central PA want it.

Many of the comments (in the just 20 MINUTES since it’s been up) voice support, in case the more than 100 “likes” left any doubt.

There are several issues with this decision, though, many that have nothing to do with what the alleged murders “deserve.”

Read more tomorrow in the Daily Item and check dailyitem.com for updates.

Sunbury ‘Thrill Kill’ couple – the players

Friday was a big day here in Sunbury, with Elytte and Miranda Barbour in their preliminary hearing for murder – we were all here at the office extra early.

Numerous other media outlets showed up – everyone wanted to see if they would say anything and see what will happen to what has become one of the Valley’s most notorious couples.

It was my first time coming face to face with them, and it was kind of surreal, given what they are accused of.

This was Miranda as she was walking into the courthouse at about quarter to 8. She was quiet and didn’t acknowledge us.20131223-094002.jpg

This is her husband Elytte coming out of the courthouse, signalling the end of the day’s proceedings, at about 3 p.m. Friday.

He also didn’t say anything, but he had a weird smirk on his face heading into the courthouse earlier.20131223-094038.jpgBelow is part of the “media circus” as it was. I couldn’t get everyone in the picture, but you can get a good feel for how it was as they came in and out.

There were about 20 media people in total there Friday, among the biggest crowds I’ve ever seen.

20131223-094102.jpgThe trial is not expected to be for another year at least. We’ll keep you updated on anything that happens in the meantime.

Bonus Photos: Santa at Shikellamy

Yesterday I got to meet Santa!

Seriously, he was on break from the North Pole and came to Shikellamy High School to donate some toys to their Toys for Tots program.

He came in on a ladder truck and really stepped it up. It was pretty special.

Here’s some photos of that special event, including a group shot which I think was pretty cool:

photo 3

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Now Trending on Facebook: Sunbury murder suspect arrested

This week, it’s been all about the arrest of Miranda Barbour, who is alleged to have slashed Troy LaFerrara more than 20 times. The police allege it was a Craigslist encounter gone wrong.

They didn’t say “sex,” but it was implied that it was an “adult” meeting.

Barbour’s husband spoke out the day after her arrest, saying she never slept her clients, just talked to them and would never have killed anyone who didn’t threaten to hurt her.

Well, readers had a lot to say about that:

  • Granny Charli: Let’s assume for the moment her story is true. Let’s assume she blacked out & didn’t realize she was stabbing the guy 20 times. What kind of a person then drives around town & literally dumps another human being into the dirt & leaves him there to die? I don’t know about you but I couldn’t treat an animal like that let alone a person. Even after all of this, how could you then drive to Harrisburg for a birthday celebration?!!
  • Justin Herman: Seriously she stabbed the guy repeatedly. He was grasping for breath, she opened the passanger side to let him fall out, and finally she cleaned the car out so she could enjoy the evening with her husband. Sounds cold blooded to me.
  • Jeannie Gully: That husband has been snowballed. If he seriously think that she just met men for “delightful conversations” he’s as crazy as she is. If she charged $850 for “delightful conversations”, and the men paid it for the eye candy, they were all cheated, severely.

Here’s the story of what the husband had to say. Read for yourself and you can decide what you believe – all I can say is this story is only going to get bigger – stay tuned!

Canal Stone history


Yesterday, I went to go talk to Michael McWilliams about the Fort Augusta model at the Northumberland County Historical Society headquarters, but I was also able to see a stone that offers a unique view of history: a canal stone from the Hummel’s Wharf lock, carved in 1829.

It was donated to the Historical Society in the 1930s and placed in a flower bed, but the stone began to sink because of its weight, and it was buried about halfway up.

Now, the Historical Society has raised the stone and it is able to be fully enjoyed.

It has the engineers on the lock and it is dated.

Pretty cool stuff.

Stop by and see the stone and the Fort Augusta model when you’re in Sunbury!

Big bass fish at Shikellamy Marina

I’ve fished before.

Never anything big though – and I made either my fiance or my brother-in-law take the fish off the hook because I couldn’t actually touch them.

It would’ve been gross, you know?

Anyway, that fear was apparently not shared with those at the bass fishing tournament this weekend sponsored by the Daily Item to benefit Newspapers in Education. They got right in there and plopped the fish into the weighing bags – grabbing them by the MOUTH.

I had no idea.

I took some Vine videos of the weigh-ins: Here and Here.

Apparently, that is the proper way to grab a fishie to weigh him. Who knew?

Here’s one of photographer Amanda August’s photos from the day. Enjoy.


Reader Photos: Proud ladies

This week’s theme for reader-submitted photos seems to be ladies that are proud of their accomplishments – and rightfully so.

We’ve got graduations, trail conquering and more.

Take a peek:

"Tesla Paul graduates from McCann," by Don Herb, Sunbury

“Tesla Paul graduates from McCann,” by Don Herb, Sunbury


"Yes, she walked the ENTIRE thing!" by Trish Forrester, Independence, Ky.

“Yes, she walked the ENTIRE thing!” by Trish Forrester, Independence, Ky.


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Daily Item Reader Photos: Beautiful scenes

This week, Daily Item readers have submitted some amazing scenes for the Daily Item Reader Photos slideshow.

I used to think I had a good eye for photography – now I’m questioning that as we receive some of these amazing shots.

Here’s some of the beautiful landscapes we received this week!

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TaTa Trot:My favorite team names


Saturday, I was at the TaTa Trot in Sumbury.

It was amazing to see nearly 1,800 people come together and support a good cause.

There were a number of team names that I thought were just so creative and fun for the day. Everyone pun was utilized and it was great.

Here’s some of my favorites, though everyone who was there is a winner in my book:

– Hakuna Ma TaTas
– Treasured Chests
– Boobzingas; with the slogan “Come for the breasts, stay for the brains.” As a Big Bang Theory fan, I loved it.
– Breast Friends

But like I said, every person there was a winner. I was honored to be a small part of it.


Images from riding with a motorcycle ride

I’ve covered several motorcycle rides before – but I’ve never ridden with one.

That could be a number of things: A) I don’t ride motorcycles and B) People can’t answer questions when they’re riding.

But Saturday, before heading to Knoebels, I was inadvertently in the middle of the action when my fiance and I ended up driving behind the American Legion Ride for Ashley, which was held to benefit a young woman in Sunbury with Ehlers–Danlos syndrome, “part of a group of inherited connective tissue disorders, caused by a defect in the synthesis of collagen,” Wikipedia says.

Ashley Gay is looking to raise $70,000 for needed surgery and the Post 201 Riders – known for their charity rides – were happy to help Saturday.

It was a great cause, and I was happy to see the great turnout. Here’s my view of the ride:


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