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Sunbury ‘Thrill Kill’ couple – the players

Friday was a big day here in Sunbury, with Elytte and Miranda Barbour in their preliminary hearing for murder – we were all here at the office extra early.

Numerous other media outlets showed up – everyone wanted to see if they would say anything and see what will happen to what has become one of the Valley’s most notorious couples.

It was my first time coming face to face with them, and it was kind of surreal, given what they are accused of.

This was Miranda as she was walking into the courthouse at about quarter to 8. She was quiet and didn’t acknowledge us.20131223-094002.jpg

This is her husband Elytte coming out of the courthouse, signalling the end of the day’s proceedings, at about 3 p.m. Friday.

He also didn’t say anything, but he had a weird smirk on his face heading into the courthouse earlier.20131223-094038.jpgBelow is part of the “media circus” as it was. I couldn’t get everyone in the picture, but you can get a good feel for how it was as they came in and out.

There were about 20 media people in total there Friday, among the biggest crowds I’ve ever seen.

20131223-094102.jpgThe trial is not expected to be for another year at least. We’ll keep you updated on anything that happens in the meantime.