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Daily Item Reader Photos, back again

Now that the Prom Perfect contest is over, Daily Item readers have resumed sending in their artistic photos in, depicting life in the Valley in a unique and up-front way.

It’s also almost summertime – which means I’m in the mood to go outside, plant flowers and enjoy the sunshine – though as yesterday’s post reveals, this week hasn’t been the best for that.

Anyway, here’s my favorite recent reader photos, depicting the best of the beginning of sweet summertime:


“China Loves Treats,” by Cindy Hoffman, Richfield


“Crayfish,” by Rita Kurtz, Selinsgrove

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Drop tower – coming soon to Elysburg!

Yesterday, I was really missing for summer.

I wrote an article about some new rides coming to Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg and even thinking about rides and amusement parks made me yearn for hot temperatures and flip flops.

The new rides include a drop tower and a kiddie submarine – so I decided to look for videos of similar rides and pretend I was already on them, feeling the warm air in my hair.

So that you can share my enthusiasm, here’s what I found.

And let me know – what are your favorite amusement park rides?

Here’s a drop tower ride:

I couldn’t find a video of the kiddie submarine ride, but I did find this cool POV video of the kiddie coaster at Knoebels: