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Snow madness in the Valley!

It’s winer-mixing here in the Valley. A fine mix of snow and rain is coating many roads and surfaces, leaving the first significant snowfall we’ve seen here.

We’ve previously just had a dusting, though that was bad enough, in my opinion.

Anyway, everyone’s celebrating and/or complaining, depending on their point of view.

Here’s some scenes from around the area this morning:

This isn’t from PA, but I couldn’t resist:

— RTV6 Indianapolis (@rtv6) November 26, 2013

Rain at the Daily Item office

Yesterday was rain-pocolypse here in the Valley.

Just in time for everyone to head home, rain just poured from the sky, making it almost impossible to avoid getting soaked when you ventured outside.

We’ve had quite a few thunderstorms lately, but I have to tell you, I sitll haven’t gotten sick of them.

I like the rain and the thunderstorms, as long as I don’t have to actually go outside.

And of course, as it began to pour, here at the Daily Item, since we are all essentially perpetual 13-year-olds, we were fascinated by looking out our window at the storm.

Here’s what we found:


Here’s a look out our window – those fingers belong to the Daily Item’s own Francis Scarcella.

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Rain, rain – some photos

Last night some terrible storms passed through the area – and the sky was really dark and stormy.

It made for some good photos of the sky churning just before the deluge of rain hit. I think the fact that it was already getting dark out mixed with the darkness of the storm really caused the sky to get a menacing, dark look to it.

Here’s the view from my house:


imageAnd just in case you think I’m the only one crazy enough to do something like this – I’m not.

A lot of people reveled in the beauty of the sky, as evidenced by these photos:

Do you have pictures from last night? Send them to me!