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Feel good story of the week: From math teacher to quaterback

In my favorite story of the week, the Dallas Cowboys have enlisted the help of one of their former quaterbacks, now a high school math teacher, to be their third string back-up for their game this weekend.

Apparently, the other two quarterbacks are fighting injuries – and there may be need for a third choice.

It’s really an inspiring story, with Kitna saying he will donate the money he gets from playing (or even just sitting on the bench) back to the school he teaches at, according to BleacherReport:

The $53,000 he will be paid for his third-string duties on the team will not go in his pocket, as he announced Thursday that he plans to donate the money to Lincoln High School in Tacoma, Wash., according to the Dallas Morning News‘ Barry Horn.

Kitna has been a football coach and math teacher at Lincoln since retiring from the NFL two years ago following a 15-year playing career. After leading the Abes to an 8-2 record, with his son Jordan as his starting quarterback, the father of four is now making the decision to donate his entire salary to improve the school.

Kitna’s story was already pretty inspiring, as this CBS News report BleacherReport found:

Maybe in the new year, we can all hope to be a little bit like Mr. Kitna.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Kevin Ware: Six months later and dunking again

You may remember the gruesome injury video of Kevin Ware, a Louisville player who had to sit out as his team won the national championship last year.

I blogged about it at the time, wondering if we should watch the footage of the fall, since it was so graphic and so painful to see.

But now, I’m happy to do a follow-up and report that Ware has made an extraordinary comeback:

It’s inspiring to see. And I’m certainly not a Louisville fan (Go Tigers Go!).

It’s one of those stories that is so heartwarming and inspiring, you wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t true.

And I’m happy to say that it is.

Big bass fish at Shikellamy Marina

I’ve fished before.

Never anything big though – and I made either my fiance or my brother-in-law take the fish off the hook because I couldn’t actually touch them.

It would’ve been gross, you know?

Anyway, that fear was apparently not shared with those at the bass fishing tournament this weekend sponsored by the Daily Item to benefit Newspapers in Education. They got right in there and plopped the fish into the weighing bags – grabbing them by the MOUTH.

I had no idea.

I took some Vine videos of the weigh-ins: Here and Here.

Apparently, that is the proper way to grab a fishie to weigh him. Who knew?

Here’s one of photographer Amanda August’s photos from the day. Enjoy.


Baby’s first Penn State game

This weekend, like any good Pennsylvania residents, my family tuned into the first Penn State game of the season, ready to cheer on the Nittany Lions.

But this game was extra special. It was my little niece’s first fan experience.

She was decked out and ready to go:


She sat with her daddy and watched the game, though she had no idea what she was actually doing:


But I’d still like to believe she had fun.

We Are!

Danville Band preview

Last  week I got to visit a local band camp and talk about preparations for the coming football season.

Then on Thursday, I got to see one in action – marching their way across the field in a preview show for parents and community members.

My sister is a saxophone player in the Danville High School band, so of course we were all there!

The show is Disney-themed and they did a good job with it. I’m pretty partial to Disney, so that may be a bit biased, though.

Anyway, Football season starts in less than two weeks – so get your stadium seat cushions ready!

Here’s some shots from the band preview – and here’s  Vine of one of the songs – which was a medley of Disney ballads, including “Beauty and the Beast.”20130819-085515.jpg


Allison’s there on the far right, in the purple shirt. I can’t believe she’s already a senior in high school!!

LLWS mania – at least with me

I’m going to be hard to talk to for the next several days – My body may be here, but my heart is in Williamsport with the Little League World Series, which I fell in love with as a college newspaper intern, covering the news side of the games.

It got me up close and personal with the huge event and started my love for pin collecting.

I wish I could just take 10 days off and go stay there – but I can’t because I have a real life now with responsibilities.

So I am forced to watch the action unfold via social media until I can make my annual pilgrimage there to hunt for pins and have some fun.

The games get underway today – here’s some people tweetin’ it up from the scene:

Running for Wounded Warriors

In these last days of summer, I seem to be continually amazed by how young people are  giving back to their communities.

Earlier, I told you about the Union County libraries event, and yesterday I got to talk to Devon Blair, who ran nearly 24 miles for the Wounded Warrior Project – even though he doesn’t really like running.

He’s 17 and from Selisngrove and completed the first run last year as part of his graduation project requirements.

Devon said that he realizes how special and important the Wounded Warrior Project is and he simply wanted to give back. And, he said., if running 24 miles is the best way to do that and draw attention to the cause, he will continue to do that.

Devon was also joined by about 5 friends and family members, including his father. All of them should be commended for their efforts to run and raise money for a good cause.

Here’s the group celebrating at the end of the run, which finished up at Knoebels in Elysburg:



Blair and his friend, Logan Boyer

You Might Have Missed It: Wrestling billboard in Milton

I saw this driving to an assignment in Milton:


Note: my photo for whatever reason didn’t want to upload, so this one is from the Milton District’s newsletter. But it was indeed a very similar picture.

It’s a billboard honoring Milton’s two state medal winners, both Ryans.

Not only is the billboard cool, but I got to cover the pep rally welcoming them home from the state tournament.

I have never met such gracious and gnaw winners.

They deserve every accolade they get.

So kudos to them. And drive down Mahoning Street to check it out.

Should we watch?: Kevin Ware and Youtube

Yesterday, my family and I were having a bit of a disagreement.

I’m a curious person, it’s probably why I’m in the media. Also, as such I tend to want to see everything.

Enter the horrific injury suffered by Kevin Ware this weekend.

The Louisville player completely snapped his leg during the Duke game in the middle of play.

ABCNews blurred out his leg when they aired a repeat on World News Tonight Monday night.

Naturally, I went to Youtube and watched. But, my mom and sister didn’t think it was appropriate.

I think that’s what Youtube was invented for: seeing repeats of strange, freak accidents or sports replays.

And this injury was graphic, especially in the video below, when they slo-mow it.

Here’s the video below, but I’m asking what you think: is it inappropriate to rewatch clips of injuries? Was ABC right to blur it?