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Digital Dialogue: CVS stops selling tobacco

CVS is taking a hard line in the sand – 10 months from now, when they will stop selling tobacco  products.

It’s the latest in what I would term a hard backlash against smoking and tobacco.

Here’s what our readers said on Facebook about the ban:

untitledI don’t’ know where I stand, really.

I mean, tobacco is not illegal – but it kind of seems that way, the way people are suddenly just flat-out banning it. I mean, I don’t love second-hand smoke, but smokers deserve a chance to buy their cigarettes in peace!

What do you think? Is CVS in the right?




Bonus Photos: Freeburg fire

On Saturday evening as many people were in the middle of enjoying their three-day weekend, a house fire broke out in Freeburg, Snyder County.

It was pretty big too, the fire spread to an adjacent, historical building and pretty much demolished both buildings.

The smoke was really bad and stuck to my clothes afterward – I think it might still be there.

Here’s a couple photos that I took on the scene there of the buildings:


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Bonus photos: Milton house fire

Here’s photos from the scene of a house fire on Mahoning Street in Milton yesterday.

The fire seemed to be under control, but all of a sudden smoke began pouring out of the top of the home and the roof caught fire and began to collapse.

It was truly startling.

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