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Neat School Security infographic

A reader sent me a link to this infographic, talking about school security, a topic I’ve followed pretty extensively.

It provides a pretty neat summary and bullet points about the challenge of security in schools and a history of violence in schools.

I think it provides some good context. It’s from Security Degree Hub:

Securing Schools

Security Degree Hub


Facebook feedback: What do you think about new TSA guidelines?

There was some good Facebook discussion on the Daily Item’s page yesterday regarding the new TSA regulations which would allow for small pocket knives on planes.

Here’s some more info:

TSA Administrator John Pistole announced Tuesday that airline passengers will be able to carry pocketknives with blades less than 2.36 inches long and less than half an inch wide. Souvenir baseball bats, golf clubs and other sports equipment also will be permitted starting next month.

The agency said the policy aligns the U.S. with international standards and allows the TSA to concentrate on more serious safety threats.

Check out part of the discussion:


I really don’t know which way I lean, but I do know this: why can’t I keep my iPod on during takeoff yet? Even in airplane mode?! And why is my shampoo still considered a security risk?!?

Maybe those are the questions we need to be focused on, rather than whether or not knives should be allowed on planes.