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Neat School Security infographic

A reader sent me a link to this infographic, talking about school security, a topic I’ve followed pretty extensively.

It provides a pretty neat summary and bullet points about the challenge of security in schools and a history of violence in schools.

I think it provides some good context. It’s from Security Degree Hub:

Securing Schools

Security Degree Hub

How well do you remember big events from kindergarten

Yesterday, I got to talk with some high school seniors about their memories of 9/11. They would have been in kindergarten, and therefore, among the youngest people to remember that day.

At home last night, I was talking with my sisters and mother about remembering things from that age.

My younger sister is the same age as the students I interviewed – but she doesn’t remember anything from 9/11. My older sister said she doesn’t remember much from kindergarten.

But then I got thinking and I can remember a couple of big events from that age.

I remember the 1992 presidential election and being upset when Bush Sr. wasn’t reelected. I stood in my mother’s room and remember watching the electoral tallies come in.

I also remember my backpack in kindergarten, it was Aladdin and had jewels on it. I also remember the nuns at my Catholic school making a big deal about the first time I wore my glasses to school in an effort to make me feel good about my new look. (Maybe that’s why I’ve never felt a desire to get rid of my glasses….hm….)

I really only have very vague memories of events before that year.

Anyway, do you remember kindergarten? What are your memories?

Back to class in the Valley

Yesterday was a bittersweet milestone in my family. My baby sister, 10 years younger than me and my older sister, started her senior year of high school.


She apparently gave my mom a hard time about taking the photo, but then after Facebook became flooded with traditional first-day pics of her classmates, posted by their moms – she calmed down.

My little girl is growing up!

If I could say one thing to her and her schoolmates, it’s: enjoy it. You can’t get it back later. And it’ll go so fast,

Have a great year to all students returning to classes’

Reader Photos: Proud ladies

This week’s theme for reader-submitted photos seems to be ladies that are proud of their accomplishments – and rightfully so.

We’ve got graduations, trail conquering and more.

Take a peek:

"Tesla Paul graduates from McCann," by Don Herb, Sunbury

“Tesla Paul graduates from McCann,” by Don Herb, Sunbury


"Yes, she walked the ENTIRE thing!" by Trish Forrester, Independence, Ky.

“Yes, she walked the ENTIRE thing!” by Trish Forrester, Independence, Ky.


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Doing their part to help others with no complaints

Last week, I spent my Friday morning at the Herr Library in Mifflinburg, where they were loading up two crates with supplies to take to the tornado-devastated areas of Oklahoma.

One thing both photographer Rob Inglis and I commented on was that there were probably 10 or so children and teens there to help at 9 a.m. on a Friday morning during summer – and we heard not one complaint.

It was really a very exciting and positive thing.

I myself have never had a problem getting up early to do what I have to do (seriously, I used to get up at 6 a.m. every day as a kid to get on the computer before everyone else was awake back in the days where you had one computer and had to share it). However, my sisters can’t really say the same thing.

And to see these young people offering their time to a good cause was very inspiring and made the morning just a little bit brighter.

Here’s some photos of the load-up:


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Reader Photos: animals and children beating the heat!

I say this every time i post Reader Photos, but I really am so impressed with the photos we receive each week from readers and post in our photo galleries.

This week, the theme seems to be animals and children beating  the heat – which luckily has passed us by this week.

This batch also includes my favorite reader photo ever. Check below to see it:

Lewisburg Area high school sweethearts Sarah and Kyle are married on May 18, 2013. In honor of being high school sweethearts the couple rented a school bus and traveled to their high school to get pictures at the school where they met! Photo by Sarah and Kyle Mumper, Lewisburg

Lewisburg Area high school sweethearts Sarah and Kyle are married on May 18, 2013. In honor of being high school sweethearts the couple rented a school bus and traveled to their high school to get pictures at the school where they met!
Photo by Sarah and Kyle Mumper, Lewisburg

"Bow, a Gordon Setter, takes a swim in Penns Creek on a hot summer day," by Bruce Ferster, Lewisburg

“Bow, a Gordon Setter, takes a swim in Penns Creek on a hot summer day,” by Bruce Ferster, Lewisburg


"Sunrise over Wayne Kauffman's hayfield," by Danita Stoltzfus, Mount Pleasant Mills. Probably my favorite reader photo ever.

“Sunrise over Wayne Kauffman’s hayfield,”
by Danita Stoltzfus, Mount Pleasant Mills.
Probably my favorite reader photo ever.

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Prom Perfect: Some personal favorites

The Daily Item’s annual Prom Perfect competition is coming to an end soon as the Valley’s prom season wraps up.

We’ve gotten almost 300 entries, something that is amazing and is able to showcase a wide variety of photos.

Naturally, as a lover of all things sparkly and ostentatious, I’ve enjoyed seeing the pictures and have selected a few of my favorites.

To see all of the photos, go to our Facebook page.

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Touring Boston

Yesterday, 89 Midd-West High School seniors left on their senior class trip to Boston. They wouldn’t say exactly where they were going for security reasons, but said they are planning a weekend full of educational and fun activities.

I’ve never been to Boston.

I’ve been around Boston – I’ve been to the Cape, Salem, Plymouth, etc. – but never actually into the city. I think there’s just so much to do in New England, I think I’ve just never  really thought about what I’ve been missing, per se.

So yesterday made me curious to see what there is to do in Boston – a city many have described as “Boston strong” since the tragedy at the Marathon more than a week ago.

Here’s what I found from USA Today:

  • The Freedom Trail: Journey back to Revolutionary Boston by exploring the Freedom Trail’s 16 locations.
  • Fenway Park: The Boston Red Sox play in historic Fenway Park, the oldest Major League ballpark still in use. [Note: I’m a Yankees fan …. so….. ]
  • Duck Tour: The best way to see the city, according to the American Red Cross, is from aboard one of Boston Duck Tours’ amphibious, World War II-style vehicles. You’ll pass through Boston’s most noteworthy neighborhoods and landmarks before taking a splash into the Charles River. [Note: I have been on Miami’s Duck Tour, and loved it]
  • Institute of Contemporary Art: The Institute of Contemporary Art’s cantilevered building, completed in 2006, is one of Boston’s most recognizable structures according to AOL Travel, which ranks it — and its glass elevator — among the city’s top attractions.
  • New England Aquarium: Atop AOL Travel’s best Boston activities list is the New England Aquarium, which features penguins, sharks, sea turtles and jelly fish. Hold sea stars and hermit crabs in the touch tank or be dazzled by the 3D programming at the Simons IMAX Theatre, the largest screen in New England.
  • John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum: AOL Travel and the American Red Cross deem the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum a must-see. View the 35th president’s ship model collection and outfits worn by first lady Jacquelin. You can also relive the 1960 presidential campaign and the space race Kennedy so fervently supported.
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Prudential Building’s Skywalk Observatory: The ultimate view of Boston, says the American Red Cross, is from the Skywalk Observatory on the 50 floor of the Prudential Building.
  • Museum of Science: Not to be missed, according to the American Red Cross, is the Museum of Science, which offers live presentations and 700 exhibits on the natural and physical sciences and various technologies.
  • Boston Public Garden: According to AOL Travel, a stroll through Boston’s Public Garden, the oldest botanical garden in the country, is perfect for visitors seeking relaxation.

“Bubble Gun” story goes viral

hello+kitty+bubble+gunAn incident first reported in the Daily Item has officially gone viral.

Numerous news outlets – including The Huffington Post, the New York Daily News, ABCNews (and GMA) and FOX News just to name a few – picked up on the story of a young girl suspended after “threatening” her friends with a Hello Kitty bubble gun (similar to the one pictured).

[Note: The Huffington Post article cites and links to the Daily Item coverage too!]

The school says she made legitimate threats; her mother and lawyer say she’s just a 5-year-old girl saying things that she doesn’t fully understand.

The story has attracted numerous reactions, both in support of the young girl and the school, with both sides citing recent events – some saying that school shootings have left the public oversensitive, while others say you can’t be too careful these days.

A Facebook post we did on the subject got 94 comments.

So now, the question is, what do you think?