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Extra Photos: Hurricane Sandy Damage

In what I promise is my last Hurricane Sandy-related post, here are some photos I took while traveling out-and-about Tuesday to talk with some people about storm damage.

Did you have storm damage? Post about it in the comments!

A tree fell in at the Steel Steeds Motorcycle Campground along Route 405 in West Chillisquaque Township.

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The smells of the job

When some people think back on an event, they remember the images, sounds or voices of a scene. For me, it’s the smells –  I most often remember my stories based on smells.

Hear me out.

Yesterday, I was on the scene of a house fire as friends and family began to clean up. The rain was still falling from the remnants of Sandy – whose winds apparently helped spread the flames of the fire.

Here’s what the scene looked like when myself and Daily Item photographer Rob Inglis arrived:

What struck me first was the smell. It was a charred wood smell, mixed with a pungent barn smell from the family’s barn across the street.

It’s these smells that stick with you – you get them in your nose and you can smell them for days afterward.

For example, about a month ago, I was on the scene of an accident which happened to be near where a deer carcass was laying. I walked around with the roadkill deer smell in my nostrils for about a week afterward. I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Even now, when I smell that roadkill-ish, garbage smell, I think right back to that accident scene.

What takes you back to certain memories? Are you a smeller too?

Best of Twitter: Hurricane Sandy photos

We spent most of the day Monday here at the Daily Item monitoring and reporting on the progression of Hurricane Sandy.

The storm wasn’t scheduled to peak in the Valley until later in the evening, but I saw some pretty amazing photos on Twitter from other places where Sandy was in full swing.

Below is a collection of some of the best photos from the day.

  1. wisashl
    RT @michellebjork: Check out this view of Sandy from space. Wow! http://twitpic.com/b8hvy5
    Mon, Oct 29 2012 08:37:38

Bonus photo: Umbrella vs. Chainsaw

Last week I met with Ronald Lee Tanner of Turbotville to recount one of the scariest moments of his life: the day his mother’s boyfriend came after him with a chainsaw.

Long story short, Tanner successfully fended off Guy Allen Black and his chainsaw, in part using an umbrella in the back of his truck.

Tanner had the umbrella when I met with him and showed me the mangled remains of instrument. Here it is:

I would not have known what that was if he hadn’t just told me the story. It was incredible.

And it made me think: nowadays things keep getting smaller, cell phones, computers, umbrellas. We want tiny things to just pop in our pocket and carry with us.

But I don’t think my little pop up would have done much good against a chainsaw.

Sometimes, bigger is indeed better.

P.S. Everyone stay safe out there as Hurricane Sandy approaches!