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Watch out for that deer!


Justa friendly PSA for all my fellow PA drivers: be on alert for deer crossing the roads!

I’ve been on high alert since about two weeks ago when I did an article about this being prime season for hitting deer. Apparently, their mating season is a perfect storm of time for them to be running around and hitting/smashing cars.

This week is the peak of that season.

Friday, on our way back from dinner, my fiance and I actually came upon an entire pack of deer – does and young deer, all crossing the road/eating. They were within like 5 feet of our car.

I was terrified, noting, like the park ranger told me a couple weeks ago, if you see one deer, there could be more.

So I was freaking out, telling Mike to drive away and let them be, but he was excited and was enjoying looking at them.

It was quite an experience.

Then we drove another 20 feet or so and saw another deer in another location. I was so happy to just park the car and not have to worry about it.

So, yes, please be careful out there – it’s high time for deer out there!

School security changing

Associated Press file photo

Associated Press file photo

School security is changing – and here in the Valley we have examples of all kinds:

  • In Milton, they’re considering re-instating a school resource officer in the middle of the first school year since 1999 without one.
  • In Shamokin, they’re installing metal detectors.
  • In Line Mountain, they want to allow teachers to carry guns
  • In other districts, they’re not sure.

Read more about all of this on dailyitem.com.

I’ve been covering this topic and I’m all kinds of torn up about how schools should proceed.

I like the idea of school resource officers, but that costs a lot of money, and, as was pointed out after the NRA’s call for more armed guards in schools, Columbine had one.

However, I’m not sure MORE guns in schools is what we really need. What kind of example is that setting?

So I’m asking for what you think – how can we make schools safer?

Bonus photo: Umbrella vs. Chainsaw

Last week I met with Ronald Lee Tanner of Turbotville to recount one of the scariest moments of his life: the day his mother’s boyfriend came after him with a chainsaw.

Long story short, Tanner successfully fended off Guy Allen Black and his chainsaw, in part using an umbrella in the back of his truck.

Tanner had the umbrella when I met with him and showed me the mangled remains of instrument. Here it is:

I would not have known what that was if he hadn’t just told me the story. It was incredible.

And it made me think: nowadays things keep getting smaller, cell phones, computers, umbrellas. We want tiny things to just pop in our pocket and carry with us.

But I don’t think my little pop up would have done much good against a chainsaw.

Sometimes, bigger is indeed better.

P.S. Everyone stay safe out there as Hurricane Sandy approaches!