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Running for Wounded Warriors

In these last days of summer, I seem to be continually amazed by how young people are  giving back to their communities.

Earlier, I told you about the Union County libraries event, and yesterday I got to talk to Devon Blair, who ran nearly 24 miles for the Wounded Warrior Project – even though he doesn’t really like running.

He’s 17 and from Selisngrove and completed the first run last year as part of his graduation project requirements.

Devon said that he realizes how special and important the Wounded Warrior Project is and he simply wanted to give back. And, he said., if running 24 miles is the best way to do that and draw attention to the cause, he will continue to do that.

Devon was also joined by about 5 friends and family members, including his father. All of them should be commended for their efforts to run and raise money for a good cause.

Here’s the group celebrating at the end of the run, which finished up at Knoebels in Elysburg:



Blair and his friend, Logan Boyer

Kerry’s inspiring story

Yesterday, I got to talk to a fabulous woman who was very inspiring.

Her name is Kerry Chomas, and she’s a native of Watsontown who now lives in Conneticut. She decided she didn’t want to be out of shape anymore, so she made that first step and joined a gym.

Now she’s dropped numerous pants sizes and is running in a half-marathon in March.

She has a blog which chronicles her fitness journey – click here to see it!

Below is a stunning before-and-after photo:

before and after

Here’s her at a recent strongman competition completing an Atlas lift:


Make sure to check out her blog and get more updates and see more cool media – including a video of her completing a dead lift at the strongman competition!