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Facebook response: Chicken and roads

994979_10151990343496168_536380160_nYesterday,  photographer Rob Inglis caught this rooster trying to cross a road in the Valley.

Get it – chickens, roads … the possibilities are endless.

So we put it out on Facebook – “How would you caption this?” – and we got some great responses. Here’s some of my favorites:

Got any good ones?

New Daily Item blog!

lemonBlogging is catching on: Photographer Rob Inglis has started his foodie blog ClikandEat!

Check it out here.

Here’s a snippet from his first blog post on Lemon Tart [Note: I had one of them, and it was amazing.]:

This was a new recipe for me to try so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My wife makes a nice lemon desert as well so I thought maybe it would turn out like that, but it was definitely a lot different, which just goes to show, you shouldn’t pre-judge a recipe before it’s done and should keep an open mind when trying new things, or meeting new people. I won’t go saying which I like better, hers or mine, I know better than that. The finished product turned out, well, in my opinion pretty good, but if you really want better proof, just ask my colleague Francis Scarcella who ate about 5 pieces of it when I brought it into work.

Know of any other cool Valley-based blogs? Send them my way!