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Facebook response: Chicken and roads

994979_10151990343496168_536380160_nYesterday,  photographer Rob Inglis caught this rooster trying to cross a road in the Valley.

Get it – chickens, roads … the possibilities are endless.

So we put it out on Facebook – “How would you caption this?” – and we got some great responses. Here’s some of my favorites:

Got any good ones?

Kudos to PennDOT

Too often I think we’re quick to criticize PennDOT for not plowing quick enough or leaving roads untidy.

But in terms of preparing for yesterday’s storm that wasn’t, PennDOT was all over it.

Photographer Rob Inglis and I traveled I80 yesterday and saw de-icer ready to go all down the highway:


So kudos to them for being prepared, and thank God we didn’t see ant major storm activity.

Know someone who deserves a shout-out in the Valley? Let me know!

Winter weather

Yesterday, on the way to and from an accident scene, photographer Rob Inglis and I were caught in the middle of the snowfall that blanketed the area yesterday morning.

The roads in northern Northumberland County were terrible!

Here a shot (Don’t worry – I wasn’t driving!)

Apparently, the roads in Snyder County were just as bad:

What were the roads like where you were? Any photos to share?