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Eagle Scout Award – Congrats, Chris!

1467239_702970706379823_817624881_nYesterday, a very deserving young man received his Eagle Scout award, for a beautiful memorial in Riverside that I visited this summer.

Unfortunately, I was under the weather yesterday, and I couldn’t share the ceremony with him, but I wanted to say congratulations on a job well done to Chris Morgan for a memorial that really has brightened up the community.

It’s always nice to see such memorials to veterans, but especially nice when they come from people who truly care about making the community and better and brighter place.

Once again, congratulations Chris!

Go Joe in Riverside!

Yesterday, I covered Go Joe in Riverside, where hundreds of people showed up to watch him peddle into Riverside.

It was nuts seeing everyone that wanted to come out, support a good cause and a local weatherman.

Here’s a crowd shot:


These next photos show members of my own family ready and eager to see Joe – now that my mother’s retired, she enjoys doing retired people things, like going to events held during the workday, ordering off the senior menu and bothering her child at work.

She can be seen in the navy t-shirt with the white and pink phone case. Her best friend is next to her in the striped shirt and sunglasses


20130725-085945.jpgIf you were watching WNEP yesterday at noon, you could see her cheesin’ behind Noreen and Tom Clark as they were talking about their tandem bike.

Good times.

Memorial Day – Riverside’s new flags

You’ve probably read in the Danville News about Chris Morgan, the Boy Scout who, for his Eagle Scout project, decided to help spruce up the Riverside war memorial, which prominently features in the Riverside and Rush Township Memorial Day service, which was held Sunday.

I happen to know Chris and know that he’s a great kid.

So Sunday, we went to the Memorial Day service, which would be the first to feature Chris’ completed project. It was amazing and beautiful.

Veterans and the public alike were amazed to see what he created for the community to enjoy and remember the people who have fought for freedom.

The new space features landscaping surrounding the monument and seven flag poles, the American flag and a flag for each of the ranches of the service as well as a POW-MIA flag.

The sun was out and made for a great morning to look over the new monument.

Here’s some photos of the monument and service:


This is before the ceremony began, showing the plain flag poles

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