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AP reporter remembers serving as Oswald pallbearer

The 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination is tomorrow and many people are stepping back to remember what happened – the good, the bad and the ugly.

We all the major highlights of the story: how the young and vibrant Kennedy was gunned down as his wife looked on and how she showed such grace and beauty in the eye of tragedy.

But some points of the story are less well-known and many of the reports this week have helped some of us, including myself, learn about them.

Like I had never given a thought to Oswald’s family. I just never put it together that he would have left behind a family.

I also never thought about his funeral and the role reporters – like myself – served: pallbearers.

And now, one of those Associated Press reporters – Mike Cochran –  writes about his unique relationship to the tragedy, serving as  pallbearer at Oswald’s funeral.460x

You can read his full story here, and it’s one of traveling with the story through time.

(I think Mike is the reporter holding a notebook and leaning slightly out there in front).

This passage was particularly powerful for me – it showed just how much emotion was tied to Kennedy’s death – even among those of us who were supposed to remain neutral:

No one else would follow; even the minister failed to show. Shaking his head ever so slightly, Jerry Flemmons of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram turned to me and said, “Cochran, if we’re gonna write a story about the burial of Lee Harvey Oswald, we’re gonna have to bury the son of a bitch ourselves.”

Sure enough, officials asked the gathered reporters to serve as pallbearers. I was among the first they asked, my reply not just “No!” but “Hell no!” Then Preston McGraw of United Press International stepped forward and volunteered, and with my top competition for scoops accepting the duty, I realized my error and joined McGraw and other reporters.

Some very powerful stuff from a witness to history – with a bit of the journalism twists I can appreciate.

What do you remember most about the Kennedy assassination? What have you learned this week?

Hollywood publicist completely disses reporter – on camera

Next time I ever contemplate complaining about publicists or public relations person, I’ll have to remember this viral video of Marion Cotillard’s publicist completely dissing a reporter on the red carpet.

Since it was a red-carpet event, the cameras were rolling and caught the whole thing:


I think the sentiment is OK – I mean, she’s busy, whatever, but the tone was just KILLLLER.

Look, everyone’s just trying to do their jobs, you, me, the reporter, etc. There’s no need to be rude about it. That’s the only thing I will say.

Any reporters out there with similar horror stories?

Election night and pizzas go together like PB&J

Yesterday was election night. Check out the results for the Valley’s elections here.

For journalists, that means a late-night shift including the newsroom staple: the election night pizza.

Pizza is cheap, most people like it and low-paid journalists will do just about anything for free food.

The Daily Item had them, and so did a lot of other newsrooms, as evidenced by tweets coming out of newsrooms from across the state. Here’s just a small sample.