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Snow madness in the Valley!

It’s winer-mixing here in the Valley. A fine mix of snow and rain is coating many roads and surfaces, leaving the first significant snowfall we’ve seen here.

We’ve previously just had a dusting, though that was bad enough, in my opinion.

Anyway, everyone’s celebrating and/or complaining, depending on their point of view.

Here’s some scenes from around the area this morning:

This isn’t from PA, but I couldn’t resist:

— RTV6 Indianapolis (@rtv6) November 26, 2013

Some cheer for your Thursday

It’s been pretty dark this week at the Daily Item – we’ve had a homicide in the city and it’s been a full-court press to make sure we’re keeping up with the news from that.

So I think we need something to just laugh a little at and make us smile and keep things in perspective.

I found this picture on the Huffington Post – and it shows that sometimes, things don’t go 100 percent your way:

a-CAKE-CUTTING-DISASTER-640x468Yup – that’s a real wedding picture folks.

But did the couple throw a really big fit? Nope. They trudged on, according to their wedding photographer:

“I’m sure many people in that room were waiting to see what Ken and Amanda’s reaction would be, but they kept it together beautifully!”

Good for them. And it goes to show that not everything is easy or always goes your way – but it’ll work out. You’re still surrounded by people who care and you’re still going to move on.

Happy Thursday everyone, and prepare for Friday!

First snow of the year, ughhhh.

photoWell I woke up to a very unpleasant surprise today:  snow.

I don’t like snow. It’s cold, it requires a lot of maintenance and it’s messy. And it’s already started.

I don’t think I can take four months of this, people!

Anyway, the Valley got it’s first dusting last night, and it was coating cars (including mine, at right). Yards were also displaying a fine layer of the white stuff.

This really signals the end of fall and pumpkins and mums and the beginning of winter and cold and snow, because once you bring out the ice scraper, it’s a slippery slope to shoveling your own parking space out of snow mounds and putting a lawn chair in its place to ensure no one takes your spot.

These are the things that we in the northeast think about, people in warmer climates.

Other people were taking to social media to talk about their snow experience this morning. Here’s some more snow tweets from across the region:


And someone after my own heart: