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Danville Halloween parade – donuts and more

Last night was the Danville Halloween parade, and anybody who’s anybody in Danville was there, duh.

That includes the Bowmans and the Wislocks! (We happen to have spots near each other’s so I know this for a fact- and yes, in Danville, you have parade route “spots”)

It was good – we couldn’t stay for the whole thing because my niece (photos of her in her Halloween costume coming next week!) was getting restless and cold, but the good portion we saw was really good.

Lots of floats and plenty of goodies for everyone!

Here’s some highlights from our photographer:

And my personal favorite highlight comes from Brandt Bowman, whose dad, city editor Bill Bowman, took this photo of him eating the munchkins given away by Dunkin Donuts.

BXYY21KCMAAxYy7Have a good weekend, everyone!

Bonus photos: Iron Heritage Parade

I’ve spoken before about the importance of parades in small towns, and the annual Iron Heritage Festival parade is no different.

However, this year, the heat was distracting – all I could think about as I saw the parade moving down the street was, “How are they not passing out?!”

The theme was “The Civil War Years,” which means heavy hoop skirts and petticoats and wool military costumes.

It was brutal to think about.

Anyway, we were there, the Bowman family was there and we had a good time.

Here’s the photos:


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Tis the season – for Halloween parades

If you’ve checked out the Daily Item’s local page today, you’ll notice that Halloween parades in the area are in full swing. There’s nothing that brings us small-towners out like the promise of marching bands and the sight of cute little Cub Scouts marching in costumes.

Like any good Danvillian, last night I sat along the street and watched the annual parade.

It was a lot of fun. My sister’s dog came along dressed in her bee costume (See the attached photo- her name’s Snowball!)

I don’t know what it is I enjoy so much about the parades, but I think it’s the entertainment value.

You can relax and enjoy a nice family-friendly feature for nothing but the dollar or so you put in the parade committee’s collection tin at the beginning of the parade.

Where else can you get that kind of deal?

Plus, you get free candy.

I myself collected a respectable amount of Tootsie Rolls last night.

What is your favorite Susquehanna Valley Halloween parade? Why?

I haven’t been to any other ones, but maybe if you convince me, I’ll check out a new one next year!