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Now Trending on Facebook: Week of Sept. 15

Another week, another week of readers weighing on the Daily Item’s Facebook page with their thoughts on everything from Northumberland County salaries to lawn mower DUIs.

Here’s a peek at what was hot on the web this week:

  • 66152_10151840228056168_1685441495_n This touching photo, which shows Cherakee Yonkin releasing balloons in memory of boyfriend Robert Hill while holding their daughter, Naveah Hill, 1. Robert Hill, 20, was killed in an automobile accident near Kratzerville on Sept. 17, 2012. The photo was a favorite of readers this week, garnering more than 100 likes.
  • Another hot topic: that lawn mower DUI from Western PA. It got a lot of attention, with people debating the merits of the charges: Brynne Clawser: “Why is he getting charged with driving with a suspended license….last time I checked you don’t need your license to drive a lawn mower.”
  • Also, in honor of National Cheeseburger Day, people shared their favorite placed to grab a burger in the Valley, and it reads like a list of to-eat-at places. If you love a good burger, check out the list and make plans to eat out!

Would you tour the Northumberland County Prison?

This week, it came up that the public can tour the Northumberland County Prison whenever they want to. After all, tax dollars pay for the prison.

But would you want to tour it, even if you could? We posed the question on our Facebook page:

untitledMy take: I want to tour the prison, I think.

I mean, I think it would be cool to see what the inside of a prison looks like. I haven’t seen one yet and hopefully won’t as an inmate anytime in the future.

But at the same time, prisons are miserable places. They’re designed that way and they should be that way – so why would you want to go into them voluntarily, as Judy points out above?

What do you think – would you tour a prison if you got the chance?