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Now Trending on Facebook: The most viral picture on the Daily Item ever?

A picture that was on this blog earlier this week went absolutely viral on the Daily Item Facebook page – making it possibly the most popular image yet on the page.

This is the photo:

house11aaaPosted on 9/11, it got 430 likes and 74 shares. That’s pretty amazing for a small newspaper.

Other topics heating up on the page:

  • People in the Valley are talking about the coming 10-digit dialing. This was a surprise hit, garnering 60 comments.  Here’s a sample: Christina Ayala “I don’t think it is that big of a deal, i have it stored in my phone book that way anyways, and when i taught my kids their phone number i always gave them the area code when teaching them, bc honestly if they got lost or kidnapped and used the phone who knows where they would be and if they would need it!”
  • And the Bean Soup Festival is hot – and we’re not just talking about the food. The festival has a lot of support from fans on the Facebook page, professing their love for the old-time recipe.

‘Stories I’m sick of hearing about…’

Back – oh it had to be a year or so ago – my sister sat down at our mom’s house and while we were watching the news she stopped and said:

“Here’s the top five things I’m sick of hearing about…”

I can’t remember the whole list, but John Edwards was on it (his trial had just ended).

I feel like right now…..I’m going through a little bit of that. We’ve got some “buzz stories” in the national news that seem to be going around right now on an endless loop.

I think there’s a fine line between reporting the news and obsessing about something that really isn’t that newsworthy. We have to make sure we’re not crossing that line.

So I thought about it and here’s my top five list:

  1. Edward Snowden.
  2. The economy – nothing ever seems to change. People yelling, people accusing, end scene.
  3. Taylor Swift
  4. Anthony Weiner
  5. O.J. Simpson

What’s on your list?

Go Joe in Riverside!

Yesterday, I covered Go Joe in Riverside, where hundreds of people showed up to watch him peddle into Riverside.

It was nuts seeing everyone that wanted to come out, support a good cause and a local weatherman.

Here’s a crowd shot:


These next photos show members of my own family ready and eager to see Joe – now that my mother’s retired, she enjoys doing retired people things, like going to events held during the workday, ordering off the senior menu and bothering her child at work.

She can be seen in the navy t-shirt with the white and pink phone case. Her best friend is next to her in the striped shirt and sunglasses


20130725-085945.jpgIf you were watching WNEP yesterday at noon, you could see her cheesin’ behind Noreen and Tom Clark as they were talking about their tandem bike.

Good times.

How well do you know your neighbors?

This morning, the entire country is buzzing with the news that three women, missing for more than 10 years were found alive inside a Cleveland house.

As pictures of the house came out – it looks like a typical urban neighborhood, with houses lining the street, neighbors walking around, etc.

The man arrested for the crime was well-known in the neighborhood, according to Charles Ramsey, who rescued the women:

“Yeah, we all knew him!”

Here’s that interview:

So that got us thinking: how well do you know your neighbors?

I’ve lived in several different places in recent years, and honestly, there were times I wouldn’t know my neighbors if they walked down the street past me.

Is that a problem? Should we know our neighbors better?

One Daily Item newser says of his/her neighbors:

I am 75 percent sure that no one is doing anything illegal. True monsters are people and you just don’t know where they live.

Very true.

What do you think? How well do you know your neighbors?

Links to latest and best bombing suspect manhunt news

This morning we’ve all been glued to social media and the news waiting for more word coming out about the Boston Marathon bombing suspects and the chaos that seemed to erupt overnight.

There’s so much happening at a rapid pace, it seems impossible to catch up.

But here’s a list of some live coverage that seems to provide good background as well as up-to-the-minute updates that will keep you informed. It’s where I’m getting my info, frankly:

Let me know what else you come across, and keep emergency responders in your thoughts.

‘After Deadline’ comes alive once more!

521993_10151512730551168_780268542_nYesterday, we at the Daily Item re-launched an old favorite: the daily video segment known as “Daily Item After Deadline.”

It stars reporters Francis Scarcella and Rick Dandes. I’m the executive producer.

It kind of a twist on the “newsroom reveals its budget for the next day” trend.

Here’s where you can watch the first episode.

The daily segment will feature all of the day’s major headlines, as well as include some cool features like special guests, on-the-street reporting and weather segments as time goes on.

It will be posted at dailyitem.com each day at around 5 to 6 p.m., depending on how the day’s going – for example today it was up after 6, wince it was a super busy day in the newsroom.

Hopefully you’ll be tuning in each day, and we’d love to hear from you what you think and would like to see! Let us know on our Facebook page!

Below are some still shots from behind-the-scenes of the first day of production, showing Francis, Rick and Dave Hilliard working the camera:



Story goes Facebook viral

If there’s one thing I know about the news, it’s that people love restaurant news – what’s opening, what’s closing, what’s even thinking about opening a new location.

And now with social media, it’s even easier to get people the news they’re dying to know about.

Take, for example, a story that broke this week, that Texas Roadhouse is planning to take over the former Ruby Tuesday site in Hummels Wharf. I posted the story on Facebook, and it exploded. It got something like 150 likes.

But that’s not the most impressive stat.

Facebook metrics tracks a stat that indicates how many “shares” a story has. It shares this data on your newsfeed when you like a page to give you an idea of what people with similar interests are talking about. If there’s a really exciting story, sometimes it will have 200 shares.

Here’s the stats that popped up on my newsfeed Friday:

Untitled847?! Amazing!

Just goes to show you – sometimes it’s not the investigative, hard-hitting news people want to read…..it’s just as simple as checking zoning applications.


Who won the Daily Item newsroom Super Bowl challenge?

Because we’re always up for a challenge, the Daily Item newsroom decided to get in on the Super Bowl fun and we all picked scores for the Super Bowl to see who could get closest.

Here are the results:

Only two of us picked Baltimore as the winner: editor Dave Hilliard and photographer Rob Inglis.

Here’s where the decision gets tough.

Both picked the three-point spread: Rob had 24-21, Dave had 27-24.

So who’s the winner?

I have to give the edge, in a squeaker, to Dave, who picked the slightly higher score.

So, congrats Dave – bragging rights are yours until next year!

The smells of the job

When some people think back on an event, they remember the images, sounds or voices of a scene. For me, it’s the smells –  I most often remember my stories based on smells.

Hear me out.

Yesterday, I was on the scene of a house fire as friends and family began to clean up. The rain was still falling from the remnants of Sandy – whose winds apparently helped spread the flames of the fire.

Here’s what the scene looked like when myself and Daily Item photographer Rob Inglis arrived:

What struck me first was the smell. It was a charred wood smell, mixed with a pungent barn smell from the family’s barn across the street.

It’s these smells that stick with you – you get them in your nose and you can smell them for days afterward.

For example, about a month ago, I was on the scene of an accident which happened to be near where a deer carcass was laying. I walked around with the roadkill deer smell in my nostrils for about a week afterward. I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Even now, when I smell that roadkill-ish, garbage smell, I think right back to that accident scene.

What takes you back to certain memories? Are you a smeller too?