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Touring Boston

Yesterday, 89 Midd-West High School seniors left on their senior class trip to Boston. They wouldn’t say exactly where they were going for security reasons, but said they are planning a weekend full of educational and fun activities.

I’ve never been to Boston.

I’ve been around Boston – I’ve been to the Cape, Salem, Plymouth, etc. – but never actually into the city. I think there’s just so much to do in New England, I think I’ve just never  really thought about what I’ve been missing, per se.

So yesterday made me curious to see what there is to do in Boston – a city many have described as “Boston strong” since the tragedy at the Marathon more than a week ago.

Here’s what I found from USA Today:

  • The Freedom Trail: Journey back to Revolutionary Boston by exploring the Freedom Trail’s 16 locations.
  • Fenway Park: The Boston Red Sox play in historic Fenway Park, the oldest Major League ballpark still in use. [Note: I’m a Yankees fan …. so….. ]
  • Duck Tour: The best way to see the city, according to the American Red Cross, is from aboard one of Boston Duck Tours’ amphibious, World War II-style vehicles. You’ll pass through Boston’s most noteworthy neighborhoods and landmarks before taking a splash into the Charles River. [Note: I have been on Miami’s Duck Tour, and loved it]
  • Institute of Contemporary Art: The Institute of Contemporary Art’s cantilevered building, completed in 2006, is one of Boston’s most recognizable structures according to AOL Travel, which ranks it — and its glass elevator — among the city’s top attractions.
  • New England Aquarium: Atop AOL Travel’s best Boston activities list is the New England Aquarium, which features penguins, sharks, sea turtles and jelly fish. Hold sea stars and hermit crabs in the touch tank or be dazzled by the 3D programming at the Simons IMAX Theatre, the largest screen in New England.
  • John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum: AOL Travel and the American Red Cross deem the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum a must-see. View the 35th president’s ship model collection and outfits worn by first lady Jacquelin. You can also relive the 1960 presidential campaign and the space race Kennedy so fervently supported.
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Prudential Building’s Skywalk Observatory: The ultimate view of Boston, says the American Red Cross, is from the Skywalk Observatory on the 50 floor of the Prudential Building.
  • Museum of Science: Not to be missed, according to the American Red Cross, is the Museum of Science, which offers live presentations and 700 exhibits on the natural and physical sciences and various technologies.
  • Boston Public Garden: According to AOL Travel, a stroll through Boston’s Public Garden, the oldest botanical garden in the country, is perfect for visitors seeking relaxation.

Valley Super Bowl predictions: Who was closest?

Super_Bowl_XLVII_logo Last week, I asked the Valley’s high school football coaches to predict who would emerge from this weekend’s NFL playoff games victorious and live on to fight for the Super Bowl title.

Now, it’s time to see who was the closest.

NFC championship game: San Francisco 49er’s vs. Atlanta Falcons

Most of the five polled coaches predicted a 49er victory, so this competition comes down to who guessed the closest to the final score – 28-24.

George Goodwin, of Milton, predicted the Niner’s final tally of 28, but he predicted the Falcons would be farther off at 10.

Jeremy Winn, of Lewisburg also predicted a 28-point feat for San Francisco, and he had Atlanta at 17 – one touchdown away from their final tally.

Winn wins this round.

AFC championship game: New England Patriots vs. Baltimore Ravens

In this round, only two coaches predicted Baltimore as the victor – Winn and Jim Keiser, of Danville.

So who was closer to the final score?  It’s tough to say.

Keiser predicted a  24-21 game, and Winn predicted a 38-35 game – the actual final score was 28-13.

So it’s a tough call, though I have to hand it to Keiser, who guessed on the side of a lower-scoring game.


But the overall winner of this “guess the winner challenge” is Jeremy Winn, who picked both winners, and was extremely close on the AFC game.

Congrats, Coach Winn!