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How well do you know your neighbors?

This morning, the entire country is buzzing with the news that three women, missing for more than 10 years were found alive inside a Cleveland house.

As pictures of the house came out – it looks like a typical urban neighborhood, with houses lining the street, neighbors walking around, etc.

The man arrested for the crime was well-known in the neighborhood, according to Charles Ramsey, who rescued the women:

“Yeah, we all knew him!”

Here’s that interview:

So that got us thinking: how well do you know your neighbors?

I’ve lived in several different places in recent years, and honestly, there were times I wouldn’t know my neighbors if they walked down the street past me.

Is that a problem? Should we know our neighbors better?

One Daily Item newser says of his/her neighbors:

I am 75 percent sure that no one is doing anything illegal. True monsters are people and you just don’t know where they live.

Very true.

What do you think? How well do you know your neighbors?