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Images from riding with a motorcycle ride

I’ve covered several motorcycle rides before – but I’ve never ridden with one.

That could be a number of things: A) I don’t ride motorcycles and B) People can’t answer questions when they’re riding.

But Saturday, before heading to Knoebels, I was inadvertently in the middle of the action when my fiance and I ended up driving behind the American Legion Ride for Ashley, which was held to benefit a young woman in Sunbury with Ehlers–Danlos syndrome, “part of a group of inherited connective tissue disorders, caused by a defect in the synthesis of collagen,” Wikipedia says.

Ashley Gay is looking to raise $70,000 for needed surgery and the Post 201 Riders – known for their charity rides – were happy to help Saturday.

It was a great cause, and I was happy to see the great turnout. Here’s my view of the ride:


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2012 review: What the Valley was talking about

fonito2012 has been a doozy, but now it’s on to bigger and better things – I hope!

Here’s a look through my eyes at some of the biggest stories in our area for 2012:

What were your big stories of the year?