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Reader feedback: Disney and Scout funding

Here in the Valley, Boy Scout funding is a huge topic, especially since the decision last year, of many of the local United Way chapters to discontinue funding for the organization until they openly accept homosexual leaders and members.

They now allow gay members, but not gay adults and leaders.

Disney has now taken a stand, discontinuing funding for the Boy Scouts because of their stance on openly gay leaders.

And that has people talking:


It seems like the Boy Scouts decision on gay scouts will not dismiss the issue anytime soon, as the organization may have been hoping it would.

Until there’s a clear position for everyone, this is going to continue.

What do you think? Was Disney in the right?

Mega Millions and the odds-touters.

The Mega-Millions is once again getting big attention – it’s up to almost $600 million again. Wooo!

The problem?

All the freaking people who feel the need to talk about how statistically unlikely you are to win! Talk about bah humbug!

For example:

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Do you know where your money goes?

With the Conneticut school shooting, one thing that seems to stick out is a focus on where our money is going.

People don’t want to be seen as supporting assault weapons and are moving their money out of companies associated with them.

But it’s not just investment money. Earlier this year, people were ceasing patronizing Chick-fil-A after controversial remarks by the company’s president.

So my question is: how much do you know about where your money goes? Do you track it?

Vote in my poll below or let me know in the comments!

Powerball jackpot: What would you buy?

The Powerball jackpot is up to $500 million for tonight’s drawing.

No matter whether you buy a ticket or not, everybody that hears that just stops and wonders: what would I do with that kind of money?

Here at the Daily Item, there’s an office pool and we’re dreaming big!

Here’s my list:

  • Pay off my student loans, plus my older sister’s and my boyfriend’s.
  • Buy a car that is less than 10 years old. I’ve never had one of those.
  • Start a college fund for my younger sister.
  • Buy a 3-D television
  • Splurge on something. I don’t know what yet, but then again, I’ve never been able to walk into a store and buy everything.

It’s a list of things I dream of being able to afford, but likely never will.

What would you do if you hit the jackpot? What would you buy?

And check out fellow reporter Rick Dande’s lottery blog, Lottery Moments, full of stories about winners, odds and more!