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Fall scenes in the Valley

Our photographers have been busy  capturing some beautiful fall scenes in the Valley as the leaves are really turning vibrant colors and shades.

I was traveling through Sullivan County this weekend and the leaves were GORGEOUS there too – but as a safe driver, I have no pictures of that.

So we’ll have to settle for these wonderful shots!

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The leaves, they are a-changin’!


Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer …and that means it’s time for the annual regional traditions, like the changing of the leaves.

Yesterday, I saw some of those changes beginning to peep out, with some golds and reds beginning to mix with the traditional green of the leaves.

Summer is my favorite time, but I like fall too, and now I feel extra fall-y after seeing the leaves begin to change.

Although, honestly I could never understand why people would make a special trip/vacation to see the leaves change. I mean, it’s nice, but come on – it’s just leaves.

Either way, enjoy the beginning of fall, everyone!