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2013 getting reviewed – my picks

I love the end of the year. It’s a time to look back at everything we’ve done this year and say, “Oh yeah! I remember that!”

So, of course, I love “year in review” lists, which are popping up all over the Internet this time of year. There’s really a category for everything, which is nice, since I’m kind of an “all over the place” kind of person.

Here’s some of my favorites, to help you sort through the lists of lists:

Wait….does this make it a “Best of 2013 Best of” list? That’s a cool fourth wall kind of thing…

  • Buzzfeed: The 23 Most Painfully Awkward Things That Happened In 2013. A unique spin on the list that helps remember all those GIFs we laughed at throughout the year. Plus, I love awkwardness, it helps me remember that someone’s having a worse day than me.
  • CNN: The year in pictures. A very awesome set of photographs, with everything from the Oscars to serious  happenings. Very beautiful stuff.
  • TIME: The Most Suprising Photos of 2013. This is a goofball set of photos from throughout the year. It’s like a mashup of all the photos CNN was too embarrassed to put in their year in review, because they were so out there. I like that.
  • And I’m looking for a good Best Movies list. I haven’t found a favorite yet, but This one of best movie moments comes close. I just hate when these lists include so many artsy movies no one saw. Like, “The Heat” was a great movie. It should be on your list, not some weird movie about a father reconnecting with his won over a 3-hour cup of coffee. But whatever, I’ll keep you posted.


Now Trending on Facebook, Week of Aug. 11

There’s been a couple hot-button national issues on Facebook this week, and Daily Item readers were eager to put their two cents in.

But first, is a photo going viral:

  • More than 100 people liked this photo of  Specialst Andy Split, of Mount Carmel, pets his Husky Zoey after returning from deployment in Kuwait on Tuesday morning in Lewisburg, taken by reporter Evamarie Socha:539678_10151759180031168_1784055437_n
  • Readers also had concerns about the U.S. getting involved in the rapidly deteriorating situation in Egypt. Said Christian Cochran: “Let’s focus on the splinters in our own country’s eyes before trying to pull splinters out of the eyes of others.”
  • Readers also expressed support for Eric Holder’s decision to cut down mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenders: Chuck Barnhart: “Those mandatory sentencing laws were so unfair from the very beginning. I never thought that I would actually let this statement come from my lips , but I really do think that they should decriminalize so-called ‘whacky-weed.’ Fines and / or community service should be more the norm.”

Read more and join the conversation on the Daily Item’s Facebook page!

I’m Guilty: Showrooming

amazon_kindle_wifi3g_3rd_generation.html_587589_g9Yesterday, I wrote an article on a topic I’ve followed for awhile: Internet sales tax and the “Marketplace Fairness Act.”

You can read the fine details at dailyitem.com, but basically, a lot of brick-and-mortar stores want sales tax to cut down on a process called “showrooming.” Here’s a handy definition:

Showrooming is the practice of examining merchandise in a traditional brick and mortar retail store without purchasing it, but then shopping online to find a lower price for the same item.

And I am here to confess, that I, Ashley Wislock, am guilty of the crime of showrooming.

You see, it’s technically my father’s fault. He bought me my Kindle and introduced me to the world of e-books. Since then, I’ve pretty much completely ditched paperbacks for the cheaper, more portable Kindle book.

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been in bookstores lately. I just….um….don’t buy anything while there, opting to purchase anything interesting later on my Kindle.

In my defense – well, I guess I don’t have one. I just feed the Amazon.com machine. Oh well.

The thing is, I like the fact that I can find any random book I want to read instantly and begin reading it. It’s a long way from dragging my mom to the bookstore and angrily realizing they didn’t have what I wanted anyway.

[And this whole thing is more ironic because I just posted photos of my Kindle yesterday. So, I stand guilty as charged.]

Are you guilty of showrooming? What do you check out before you buy?