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Mr. Ed on Route 220?!

If you’ve ever traveled Route 220 South between Bradford County and Route 180, you know the frustration of being stuck behind a truck.

There is literally no stretch of 2-lane road to be had. Sure there’s some “passing zones” but they are all situated so that you have to go into the other lane, and usually facing a curve, so you can’t pass anyway.

But yesterday, when I was traveling down the road behind a truck pulling a trailer – I didn’t mind.

Because in front of me was a sociable horse who greeted cars passing him and taking in the country air.

[NOTE: Don’t worry, this picture was taken as traffic was at a standstill in our direction]


I was disappointed when his person turned off the road. But I enjoyed my trip through the Endless Mountains with a horse I like to think was a newer Mr. Ed.

Have a great Monday, folks!