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Now Trending on Facebook: Week of August 25

This week has been big for our Facebook community, with numerous posts lighting up the page over the past week.

Here’s a couple that seemed to draw the most response, but be sure to check out the full Facebook page to see what else has been big this week.

  • The largest thing to draw response this week is a photo. We posted a photo of a car involved in an accident this week, with the victims still as yet unidentified. And that brought about the old debate about what should papers run and not run. Here’s the photo:1175303_10151792463311168_1920321683_n I know where I stand on this: News isn’t pretty, and it can be tough, but it’s got to get out there – we deal with that fact every single day. Literally – this was in my afternoon yesterday. As long as there aren’t bodies in the vehicle or a large amount of blood and gore, it’s OK by me for publication. But not everyone agrees, as evidence by our long comment thread.
  • Another big debate continues to swirl around Hartleton Police Chief Donald Zerbe, who I talked about little while ago. The debate continues with many people still standing by Zerbe: Paul Phillips: “So what? Id rather pat the donation than get the ticket,points,and insurance raised!”
  • Another big debate: The always controversial Gov. Tom Corbett re-affirming his commitment to trying to sell the state lottery. People are fired up about that.

Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for more and to join the conversation!

Chief Zerbe: Which side are you on?

It’s what has become one of the most hotly debated topics in the Valley – whether or not embattled Chief Donald Zerbe should be allowed to walk away from allegations he offered speeders the opportunity to donate to the Hartleton Playground Fund or whether he should face the music.

Zerbe wasn’t too nervous at a hearing yesterday. He was also supported by Hartleton’s mayor at the hearing.

And people online seem to be behind him mostly, as well. Here’s just a small sampling of comments from a Facebook post yesterday:

ZerbeWhat’s the right thing to do?

I don’t know – there’s a fine line to walk between punishing people for wrongdoing and letting them completely off the hook.

What do you think – do you support Chief Zerbe?