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150 years of the Gettysburg Adress

Yesterday, I got to spend some time thinking about the Gettysburg Address and what it meant to the people listening to it 150 years ago and what it means today.

Today marks the 150th anniversary of those words and that speech remains one of the most famous in history.

People are still moved by those words and students still have to recite them when they can – even though Abraham Lincoln was not the person whose words were supposed to make a splash that day.

So today, please take a little time to think about what he meant when he urged togetherness and equality – that seems to be something we really need today.

I found this cool video of people reciting the Gettysburg Address – let’s all take time to think about what they’re saying:

Reader photos: Weddings and Reenactors!

The Daily Item reader-submitted photo gallery is full of some great photos which highlight the fact that we are deep into summer.

From Gettysburg reenactors to weddings to American flags, the dog days of summer are here and here’s what that looks like across the Valley:


“OH NO! She wore the same dress!” by Jillian Eister, Sunbury

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Following Gettysburg action on Twitter

One of my biggest disappointments this week is that I can’t be in Gettysburg, enjoying the celebrations for the 150th celebration.

(I mean, in a way that’s OK, because I’m sure it’s crowded, but I’d still like to be there in the middle of it).

Anyway, despite being two hours away, it’s possible to still be in the middle of the action all through the help of social media.

People are tweeting up a storm from the battlefields, and here’s some of what they have to say:

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