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Reader feedback: Disney and Scout funding

Here in the Valley, Boy Scout funding is a huge topic, especially since the decision last year, of many of the local United Way chapters to discontinue funding for the organization until they openly accept homosexual leaders and members.

They now allow gay members, but not gay adults and leaders.

Disney has now taken a stand, discontinuing funding for the Boy Scouts because of their stance on openly gay leaders.

And that has people talking:


It seems like the Boy Scouts decision on gay scouts will not dismiss the issue anytime soon, as the organization may have been hoping it would.

Until there’s a clear position for everyone, this is going to continue.

What do you think? Was Disney in the right?

Duck Droppin’ Fun

I don’t remember which particular Duck Drop it was, but a couple weeks ago I heard about the concept of a Duck Drop and I was intrigued.

It sounded so cool – letting rubber duckies “race” to see who would win – I was anxious to see more.

Well, Saturday I got to.

I went to the Service 1st Duck Derby in Danville and I got a front row seat to the duckies and their journey down the ol’ Susquehanna.

And it was plenty of duckies:


And photographer Amanda August and I were right there when the drop – um. dropped: Here’s a link to the Vine since WordPress is being weird about embedding it.

Pretty cool stuff. Now I want to go take a bath…..