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Fire on Spruce Street

fire17dddI try not to get too preachy about things, but I have a prayer/good vibes request for all of you out there.

Yesterday, a home in my neighborhood caught fire and the family lost pretty much everything. If you could send your thoughts/prayers/good vibes to them, I would appreciate it.

It’s always devastating to hear about these things, but this one hits so close to home – literally – it genuinely shook me up.

Luckily, no people were injured. However, some of the family’s pets did not make it.

Thanks, everyone! And especially thanks to the fire personnel who were able to contain the fire!

Bonus Photos: Fire Cadet Weekend in Elysburg

This weekend, I worked the Saturday shift and started my day at Fire Cadet Weekend at the Elysburg Fire Department.

It’s a cool program designed to introduce teens to emergency response.

I kind of wanted to be a cadet, they got to do some cool things, like rappell, see a controlled home fire and get up close with Life Flight.

When I was there, they were learning about equipment.

Here’s some extra photos:



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Bonus Photos: Freeburg fire

On Saturday evening as many people were in the middle of enjoying their three-day weekend, a house fire broke out in Freeburg, Snyder County.

It was pretty big too, the fire spread to an adjacent, historical building and pretty much demolished both buildings.

The smoke was really bad and stuck to my clothes afterward – I think it might still be there.

Here’s a couple photos that I took on the scene there of the buildings:


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Bonus photos: Milton house fire

Here’s photos from the scene of a house fire on Mahoning Street in Milton yesterday.

The fire seemed to be under control, but all of a sudden smoke began pouring out of the top of the home and the roof caught fire and began to collapse.

It was truly startling.

Read more at dailyitem.com.


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