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Reader Photos: fun with animals

It appears Daily Item readers are having some fall fun getting up close and personal  with animals, as evidenced by the cool photos they’ve submitted recently.

There’s some cool shots of all kinds of critters, from birds and insects to deer – my personal fall terror.

Enjoy some of the sights and sounds of the Valley’s animals!

Two deer near RB Winter State Park in Union County. Photo by Joseph F. Rebar, Shamokin

Two deer near RB Winter State Park in Union County.
Photo by Joseph F. Rebar, Shamokin

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Reader photos: Orange effect

There have been some really pretty reader-submitted photos lately, many of which seem to have an orange motif.

Though, to be fair, that’s not really a surprise, since it is the color of the season!

So enjoy these photos and look out tomorrow for my own special Halloween photos!

"Grasshopper at rest" by Crystal Doresky, Milton

“Grasshopper at rest” by Crystal Doresky, Milton

"Red sky at night might be sailor's delight, but we get rain for two days." by June Campbell, Northumberland

“Red sky at night might be sailor’s delight, but we get rain for two days.” by June Campbell, Northumberland

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Fall scenes in the Valley

Our photographers have been busy  capturing some beautiful fall scenes in the Valley as the leaves are really turning vibrant colors and shades.

I was traveling through Sullivan County this weekend and the leaves were GORGEOUS there too – but as a safe driver, I have no pictures of that.

So we’ll have to settle for these wonderful shots!

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The leaves, they are a-changin’!


Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer …and that means it’s time for the annual regional traditions, like the changing of the leaves.

Yesterday, I saw some of those changes beginning to peep out, with some golds and reds beginning to mix with the traditional green of the leaves.

Summer is my favorite time, but I like fall too, and now I feel extra fall-y after seeing the leaves begin to change.

Although, honestly I could never understand why people would make a special trip/vacation to see the leaves change. I mean, it’s nice, but come on – it’s just leaves.

Either way, enjoy the beginning of fall, everyone!


Danville Band preview

Last  week I got to visit a local band camp and talk about preparations for the coming football season.

Then on Thursday, I got to see one in action – marching their way across the field in a preview show for parents and community members.

My sister is a saxophone player in the Danville High School band, so of course we were all there!

The show is Disney-themed and they did a good job with it. I’m pretty partial to Disney, so that may be a bit biased, though.

Anyway, Football season starts in less than two weeks – so get your stadium seat cushions ready!

Here’s some shots from the band preview – and here’s  Vine of one of the songs – which was a medley of Disney ballads, including “Beauty and the Beast.”20130819-085515.jpg


Allison’s there on the far right, in the purple shirt. I can’t believe she’s already a senior in high school!!