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Optimism amongst rubble

What struck me talking to John Ravert about the fire in his music studio over the weekend was that he was very positive.

He chose not to react with anger and sadness, rather, he celebrated the fact that everyone made it out OK and that his main house remained intact. It was very moving.

The damage was very extensive. Ravert collects and restores old pianos and nickelodeons, many of which were in the studio.

Here’s a video of CCN’s “In Your Neighborhood” showcasing Ravert’s collection in February”

Here’s some after photos:


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Bonus photos: Honduran Soles

I met with two of the orgnaizers of Honduran Soles yesterday at Revival Tabernacle in Watsontown. It’s a great mission to bring shoes to people in Honduras who often have to walk through rocky mountain terrain barefoot.

Here’s a couple additional photos I took yesterday.

To donate a pair of new or gently used shoes to Honduran Soles, contact Revival Tabernacle at revtab09@windstream.net or 538-2000.


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