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Now Trending on Facebook, Week of Aug. 11

There’s been a couple hot-button national issues on Facebook this week, and Daily Item readers were eager to put their two cents in.

But first, is a photo going viral:

  • More than 100 people liked this photo of  Specialst Andy Split, of Mount Carmel, pets his Husky Zoey after returning from deployment in Kuwait on Tuesday morning in Lewisburg, taken by reporter Evamarie Socha:539678_10151759180031168_1784055437_n
  • Readers also had concerns about the U.S. getting involved in the rapidly deteriorating situation in Egypt. Said Christian Cochran: “Let’s focus on the splinters in our own country’s eyes before trying to pull splinters out of the eyes of others.”
  • Readers also expressed support for Eric Holder’s decision to cut down mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenders: Chuck Barnhart: “Those mandatory sentencing laws were so unfair from the very beginning. I never thought that I would actually let this statement come from my lips , but I really do think that they should decriminalize so-called ‘whacky-weed.’ Fines and / or community service should be more the norm.”

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MethProject.org gets up close and personal

Crystal meth, from drugfree.org

Crystal meth, from drugfree.org

Yesterday, in the spirit of doing my job, I spent the day pouring over facts and stories about meth use.

Montour County had its first meth bust in history, and we wanted to provide some context to that and explain what meth is and why it’s so dangerous.

In that research, I came across MethProject.org, which aims to educate about and stop meth abuse.

Trust me, it worked for me.

There are several interactive features, polls, videos, etc. that explain meth addiction, meth use and meth side effects.

For example, this video explains “meth bugs” and some of the physical symptoms of the drug. It’s not an easy watch.

There’s also this “Uncertain Future” game which randomly spouts out some side effects to imagine what may happen down the road from meth use.

But this site is truly a great resource for communities struggling with meth addiction and facing the prospect of a “meth epidemic,” like some claim this area is facing.

Are you concerned about meth in the Valley? Why or why not?