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Mr. Ed on Route 220?!

If you’ve ever traveled Route 220 South between Bradford County and Route 180, you know the frustration of being stuck behind a truck.

There is literally no stretch of 2-lane road to be had. Sure there’s some “passing zones” but they are all situated so that you have to go into the other lane, and usually facing a curve, so you can’t pass anyway.

But yesterday, when I was traveling down the road behind a truck pulling a trailer – I didn’t mind.

Because in front of me was a sociable horse who greeted cars passing him and taking in the country air.

[NOTE: Don’t worry, this picture was taken as traffic was at a standstill in our direction]


I was disappointed when his person turned off the road. But I enjoyed my trip through the Endless Mountains with a horse I like to think was a newer Mr. Ed.

Have a great Monday, folks!


How do we stop texting while driving?

Yesterday on Facebook, a story brought out a surprisingly large reaction from users.

We asked “How do we stop texting while driving?” while linking to a story about a woman who was charged with manslaughter for texting while driving before a fatal crash.

People had some good ideas.

untitledI guess what struck me though, were those that said maybe it can’t be stopped.

They have a point: we outlaw texting while driving, drinking and driving, speeding, but that doesn’t stop people from doing it.

So can anything be done? Should technology take care of it?

I don’t know.

What do you think – can texting while driving be stopped?

JST DRV service announcements

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the “JST DRV” initiative by the Central PA Chamber of Commerce, which aims to crack down on distracted driving by using cool thumb bands and a catchy slogan.

The kids in the Building Leaders for the Susquehanna Valley helped with the initiative and they made public service announcements to launch the program featuring themselves and some other local faces.

Here are the results.

This first one is an explanation of the JST DRV philosophy, featuring BLSV advisor Jess Shaffer and his Jeep:

The next is a “pull over” featuring a real PSP Trooper:

Pretty cool stuff, especially for high school kids just trying to make a difference.