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Who would you rank as an iconic wedding dress?

042911_ic_kate_middleton_wedding_arrival_APThis week, for a future fun little assignment, I need to make a list of the ten most iconic wedding dresses of all time.

I have the basics down – but I need help filling in the last couple of positions.

So now I ask – who would you recommend? 

Let me know – awislock@dailyitem.com – and I’ll let you know who makes the list later this month!

Prom Perfect: Some personal favorites

The Daily Item’s annual Prom Perfect competition is coming to an end soon as the Valley’s prom season wraps up.

We’ve gotten almost 300 entries, something that is amazing and is able to showcase a wide variety of photos.

Naturally, as a lover of all things sparkly and ostentatious, I’ve enjoyed seeing the pictures and have selected a few of my favorites.

To see all of the photos, go to our Facebook page.

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Heading to Prom 2013

This weekend a ton of Valley schools headed out to the biggest dance of the year – the prom.

My younger sister attended the Danville High School prom, and I was front and center to check out all the beautiful dresses and matching ties.

Sparkles were big – and that was just fine with me, as a lover of all things big and glittery.

But honestly, I was glad to leave after the promenade. High school was a long time ago, but I remember the awkwardness and would rather stay where I am, diploma in hand.

Here’s some photos of prom attendees – all of whom I’m biased toward, but think were some of the best dressed out there:

[Note: It’s fairly easy to discern my sister, she’s the one who looks just like me]


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