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Feel good story of the week: From math teacher to quaterback

In my favorite story of the week, the Dallas Cowboys have enlisted the help of one of their former quaterbacks, now a high school math teacher, to be their third string back-up for their game this weekend.

Apparently, the other two quarterbacks are fighting injuries – and there may be need for a third choice.

It’s really an inspiring story, with Kitna saying he will donate the money he gets from playing (or even just sitting on the bench) back to the school he teaches at, according to BleacherReport:

The $53,000 he will be paid for his third-string duties on the team will not go in his pocket, as he announced Thursday that he plans to donate the money to Lincoln High School in Tacoma, Wash., according to the Dallas Morning News‘ Barry Horn.

Kitna has been a football coach and math teacher at Lincoln since retiring from the NFL two years ago following a 15-year playing career. After leading the Abes to an 8-2 record, with his son Jordan as his starting quarterback, the father of four is now making the decision to donate his entire salary to improve the school.

Kitna’s story was already pretty inspiring, as this CBS News report BleacherReport found:

Maybe in the new year, we can all hope to be a little bit like Mr. Kitna.

Have a great weekend everybody!