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Media storm surrounding Scarcella interview

Friday night, Francis Scarcella walked into the Northumberland County Prison for a chat with accused murderer Miranda Barbour.

Sunday morning, the world blew up when what she told him was revealed.

After claiming to kill more than 22 people (but less than 100), Barbour’s story has gotten renewed attention and everyone is talking about it.

Here’s just a small sampling:

There’s just too many to list all of them.

But the number one place to get this information – DailyItem.com people!

The Barbours facing death penalty – public supports decision

If there was any doubt what people in the Valley thought about the Barbours and the death penalty, our posting on the D.A.’s decision to file aggravating circumstances should clear up what they think.

Spoiler alert: the people of Central PA want it.

Many of the comments (in the just 20 MINUTES since it’s been up) voice support, in case the more than 100 “likes” left any doubt.

There are several issues with this decision, though, many that have nothing to do with what the alleged murders “deserve.”

Read more tomorrow in the Daily Item and check dailyitem.com for updates.

Would you tour the Northumberland County Prison?

This week, it came up that the public can tour the Northumberland County Prison whenever they want to. After all, tax dollars pay for the prison.

But would you want to tour it, even if you could? We posed the question on our Facebook page:

untitledMy take: I want to tour the prison, I think.

I mean, I think it would be cool to see what the inside of a prison looks like. I haven’t seen one yet and hopefully won’t as an inmate anytime in the future.

But at the same time, prisons are miserable places. They’re designed that way and they should be that way – so why would you want to go into them voluntarily, as Judy points out above?

What do you think – would you tour a prison if you got the chance?