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Colleges using social media for move-in

When I left for college, things were simpler than they are now.

We maybe took some photos, but the ones we did were just for use on your flip phone – nothing major.

Now. Well, it’s different.

Now with social media the photos you take of your parents lugging boxes up the stairs are meant for public consumption on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and colleges are taking notice and encouraging students to share.

Which is actually a pretty smart thing to do since it gives prospective students a behind-the-scenes look at your institution.

Susquehanna University is preparing for the big freshman move-in:

Like I said, this seems like a cool way to connect with new students and showcase a right-of-passage for new students to prospective students in a way that reaches them on their terms.

I’ll be monitoring the hashtag to see how it turns out!

Have you noticed other cases like this? What are other schools doing?

College visits in full swing for rising seniors

If, like in our family, you have a rising high school senior, you’re probably in the midst of college visits and common applications.

However, Friday, I was more than excited to be able to take my sister back to my alma mater, Lycoming College in Wiliamsport, a place that is near and dear to my heart.

Both our older sister and myself attended Lyco, and I’m hoping to make it 3/3.

She yelled at me, but I made her pose with me when we got there:20130729-085333.jpg

The rest of the time, I was simply admiring the mark my class had left on our school. It always feels nice to see that you’re not completely forgotten and feel like you’ve made some kind of impact.

Here’s our traditional signed class numbers:


What I was most excited to see was how much use the porch furniture we gave as a class gift was being used. I was a class officer, and we really tried to pick something everyone could use and enjoy:

20130729-085350.jpgSo good luck to all college-seekers. I hope the place you pick is as good to you as Lyco continues to be to me!