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Inside the new Pius X steeple




On Tuesday, I got to witness a church steepl flying through the air, as you can see from the photo there.

It was the new Pius X steeple in Selinsgrove. The previous steeple had been ripped apart in a storm in July, and this week the new steeple finally went up!

It was pretty cool – I think it’s hard to imagine how these kinds of things are built when you don’t see them being done -steeples are such big, towering things, we kind of assume they’ve just always been on top of the building.

So anyway, we got to witness the crane lift the new steeple on top of the building, but before that, we got a look up inside of the new steeple.

It was pretty cool – and of course I took a photo to share with you all:20131204-110754.jpg

The old church bells have been replaced with speakers, but that’s fine in my book. Whatever makes it easier for them.

Who was closest: Guessing the new pope


 Here at the Daily Item, we were on pope watch, no doubt.

So in the newsroom, we decided to take some guesses to see who could be closest on the following items:

  1. How long would the conclave last?
  2. Where would the new pope be from?
  3. How old would he be?

Here’s how it shook out: Basically, we all stink at guessing the pope.

Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina, 76, was chosen. He will be Francis I.

How long would the conclave last?

Managing/Features editor Joanne Arbogast guessed spot on that the conclave would only last one full day. (We didn’t count Tuesday evening as a day, since that is considered to be a dummy vote anyway).

So, congrats on that, Joanne.

Where would the new pope be from?

No one had Argentina. But, two people did pick a South American pope – reporter Marcia Moore and photographer Amanda August.

They both had Brazil – but I’ll give them credit for being on the right continent.

How old would he be?

This one was all me.

I had the closest at 74 – most people went younger, late 60s, early 70s.

In conclusion

I’m not even going to try to name an overall winner. Because we were all over the place on this one.

So, in conclusion, don’t bet the house on our papal bets.

Bonus Photos: Church fire

Unfortunately, once again, I have extra photos from the scene of a fire.

And while fires can be devastating events, I continue to be amazed by how resilient people can be. For example, these photos are from Arbogast Lutheran Church in Mount Pleasant Mills, which has vowed to rebuild.

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